S9 Pictures taking too long to load on text message screen

  • 31 March 2020
  • 3 replies

After the last T-mobile software upgrade my Galaxy S9 that i never had issues with.... When im on the text message screen and open to send a picture, the pictures are sometimes blank (until somehow in the background it uploads it to the text message screen). When i try to add picture to text message screen it takes forever to add it. If i get out of it (while its loading the picture to the text message) i have to unselect the picture and reselect it so that it adds it to the text message. Again never was issue until the last T-mobile software upgrade.

3 replies

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Wow, that's odd but we want this working better for you. Can make sure your software is up to date using our Software updates: Samsung Galaxy S9 | T-Mobile Support  page? Also, you'll want to check your memory and the image quality. The higher quality and memory being used on the phone may be causing the image loading slowness.

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Hey, just checking to see if you've seen my previous post. Please give a replay and let us know if you still need help.

Recently switchedfromVerizon to T mobile, had the same issue.  Takes 5 minutes to upload pix to text! Tried reducing the quality of pix didn’t help.  Called Samsung and couldn’t help me.  I’m using message + for texting.. HELP!!! very frustrating.