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  • 26 July 2018
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I am getting SCAM text messages from the following phone number 1 (***) ***-****.

A 15 year old girl named Mary from Panama made a Huge discovery in quantum computing that would lead to global commercialization of quantum computers and drug discovery for cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases.

If you agree to adopt her and be her guardian forever, 1. All rights to the patent would be shared equally between both of you 2. The profits from the patent would be shared equally between both of you

send the adoption fee of $3,000 via cash deposit to the adoption agency bank account info below:

name on account: Cynthia Kuria. Bank Name: Wells Fargo. Acct No: **********. Routing No: *********.

I have blocked the messages from my phone, but they are showing up on my usage. What can I do about it???


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8 replies

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I know spam is super annoying but we do have a way to report it. Can you take a look at our Caller ID spoofing and text message spam page and try forwarding the message to that short code listed there?


Recently, I got text Message from a Scammer 

SCAM ****SCAM ****DONT GO THROUGH this message and LINK ***SCAM*** SCAM 

phone # is 1**208**/924***/2470

“Mobile Survey Tag # TM-5321 You are the $90 wireless carrier survey winner! Redeem gift now stop=stop”


After a fake survey, it asks a few questions then offers a free iPhone 11 and AirMac and …. Even it has a TMOBILE LOGO.



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Just forward the spam message to the letters SPAM. And then block the number.

I received this after entering a T-Mobile Tuesday prize thing. Not sure if it’s a scam or real.


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If it was real, T-Mobile would have been the sender and shown on caller ID.

Seems fishy. 

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i know the OP posted 2 years ago..but one would think that if they were worried about getting spam texts they would try to avoid putting their personal phone number on fully public sites lol.


This is very misleading