Select Employment Verification" doent show under profile.

  • 14 February 2024
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Hi T-mobile,

One of representative helped me in  for T-mobile work perks, when i go to website and try for verification

I dont see any option which says "Select Employment Verification." on step 3 in mobile app and Portal, It  other options. Please help T-mobile, I am having hard time over the phone from last week. I have came to avail the offer from prepaid to postpaid. Its very troublesome entire process.


Dear Hardik,


Congratulations on activating your Go5G Plus plan with T-Mobile Work Perks! You must verify your employment status within 30 days of activating your plan. You can review how to verify here:

8 replies

The suggested solution does not work. The only options available are Military and First Responder, not “Employment,” which is what we need. 

I’m having the same problem and it’s very frustrating! I qualify for work perks through my employer, but there is nowhere to complete step 3 shown below.  My profile only offers the option for first responder verification and military verification.  

  1. Go to or open the T-Mobile app and log in.

  2. If you are not already on the Profile page, select Profile from the top right menu.

  3. Select Employment Verification.

  4. Confirm your employment status:

    • Enter Company Name

    • Enter First and Last Name

    • Enter Employment Work Email

    • Confirm Employment Work Email

    • Enter Mailing Address

  5. If we are able to verify you immediately, you will see "Employment Verification Verified". You are all set!


Were you able to get this resolved?  Same thing is happening for me.

No, I was given these two numbers to call T-Mobile Work Perks.  I would try the 7099 number first.  



I’m having the same issue. T-mobile states that my HR department must call them and verify my employment.  Unfortunately our employee benefits are managed by a third party. Has anyone been able to figure this out?

I got a different number.  It is probably just a different extension. 855-570-9947

Same boat here, lady on the phone kept insisting I should see the employment verification option but it is not there. Did calling those numbers above help?

Same issue,please help.