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  • 21 November 2020
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Hi me and my Ex are currently on the same phone plan, we have 2 lines with unlimited everything both of our phones are completely paid off. I'm currently the account holder and I'm wanting to know if we can transfer accounts. I'm going to be switching to a different carrier on my parents plan and she wants to remain on tmobile with a single line unlimited plan. What I'm wanting to know is how much the cost is for me to eliminate my account with my phone plan and how much its going to cost her to have her own account keeping her same phone plan, phone, and number. 

1 reply

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You both will need to call Tmobile to have & her create a plan of her own. You will need to give permission for her to keep her phone number since you are the account holder and currently “own” the number.

OR, assuming your current plan has no “number of lines” requirement, you could simply transfer responsibility for the account to her and cancel your line once you have fully ported out your phone number.

BOTH options will require both of you to be present.