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  • 14 October 2021
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The main t-mo website has become a real horror show, and whoever’s on the dev team needs to be made aware of that.  It used to work fine in Firefox, and in Chrome on an Android device.  Now, things only kind of half-ass work; I can get to okay, but then trying to proceed to returns a blank page with nothing but “Loading...” sitting on it that never loads. I’ve enabled every feature and every stupid tracking-site their backend tries to send me to, and that fixes nothing.  The failing browsers are reasonably up to date, T-mo should not be trying to use obscure features if they want to be cross-compatible over the whole possible customer base. The only thing that seems to work anymore is Chrome on a Linux desktop, and that seems iffy as well.  Phone support peoplle are of course clueless about any of this.

The latest fiasco is trying to look at my “message blocking” settings; the site sits doing nothing for quite a while and eventually comes back with “This line does not include these settings”.  Which is total BS, I’ve had scam-blocking on ever since setting up my account years ago.  Something in the way the site functions is failing to find the component that would indeed tell it that I *do* have those settings.

I’d love to be able to manage a lot of this myself, but when the website refuses to cooperate because some earnest but misguided newbie coder in some other country is screwing things up this badly, that becomes pretty difficult.  Let’s get some actual QC into that department, huh??  Telling me, or anyone, to just use Chrome [or anything else] is the wrong answer, completely disingenuous and ignoring the merits of browser neutrality.  Fix the problem, rather than try to dictate how people run their computing environments.

Oh, and to log into my *real account* just wants my number and password, but to log into the *forum area* it wants to do a 2FA with a text?!  Someone’s really got their priorities bass-ackwards.  Why is it two separate login states in the first place, if the same creds work in both?  Idiotic.


1 reply

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Bump.   Why can’t some of you *employees* take some of these website complaints seriously and start forwarding them to the right dev teams?  We have no other way to input these issues.  Pointing anyone to FB or Twitter is a non-starter for some of us.  My complaint above and this one from a while back point up some problems that T-Mo would be far better off spending their time on than “badges” and other useless and frankly divisive forum games.

Someone needs to start *listening* to people that actually work in the software area.  Your coders don’t know it all.  We don’t either.  But nobody should be working in a vacuum, and constructive input improves everyone’s lives.