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  • 5 November 2023
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Can anyone recommend a procedure for converting my landline home phone to a cellular number. I currently have a Panasonic 7 phone extension system.


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I want to use my existing home phone base and extensions on a mobile platform while maintaining my existing mobile number. With the new dual sim capabilities I could have a my home phone and cell number on 2 separate lines on my iPhone. With a home cellular number I could receive home comes while I’m away or on my home extensions when I am at home.

Verizon and I believe AT&T offer home phone mobile base stations that can be tied in with your home phone.


I know what you are requesting. As far as I know, the Straight Talk Home Phone device, and a similar device that Verizon carries called a Verizon Wireless Home Phone device are the only two devices available that connect to a cellular network and allow you to use a landline phone. My sister had the Straight Talk Home Phone device for about 4 years and used it every day without any problems. She had to replace it with a new Straight Talk Home Phone device last year when Straight Talk shut down their 3G network. After using the new Straight Talk 4G Home Phone device for a few months, Straight Talk "accidentally" erased her account from their computer system, including her landline phone number that she had transferred to Straight Talk. In March 2024, I added a Verizon Wireless Home Phone device to my Verizon wireless account and set it up for my sister. It's been working fine since March. It works exactly like the Straight Talk Home Phone device. She currently has a cordless landline phone plugged into the Verizon Wireless Home Phone device. Verizon is not currently advertising the home phone device, but my local Verizon store (Victra) had quite a few of them in stock. 

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T-Mobile’s version of the landline service you are talking about was called LineLink. It is not offered anymore so your alternative is to port the number onto a cell phone. I did that with my childhood landline (still amazed that I have been able to keep that number for almost 30 years) and it has been great. The phone is still portable so we can use it anywhere in the home, and I know that my kids have a way to connect to the world without having “their own phone.”

Is there something in particular about the home phone that you are trying to keep other than just the phone number?

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First thing is to check is if the line is eligible.

Then if eligible follow this link.


Thanks for the reply but that wasn’t my question. I know how to port a number, I’m looking for device set up that will allow me to connect to a cellular signal in order to replace my land line. AT&T had one and you merely plugged it in and then connect you landline cable to your phones.

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Sounds like you’re trying to do what’s described and answered at:



Unfortunately no. I’m looking for a standalone connection device using a separate cellular number. There were units available that were a single device that connected to a cellular network using your existing landline ported over to your cellular carrier. The device receives the cellular signal and connects to your landline home phone.


AT&T  offered a device a few years ago. I believe Verizon also offers one as well.

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I think I know what you are talking about.  I just don't reber what it was called.  It's a box that goes on the side of your house that connects to the phone line wiring.  The smaller versions could go inside, plugged into an outlet, and had a couple.of phone Jack's on them.  I.haven't seen those in years though and I don't think T-Mobile ever offered those.  You still would have needed to port the land-line number to a SIM card that goes in the main device.