Settings for pins and security code messages blocked

  • 18 October 2021
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Hi, I have had issues with tmobile the last few years where one-time pins or security code sent via text messages from different business never showed up.  However, last week I got a text message from tmobile saying “We noticed your line has a setting blocking important messages from businesses you know...We’re removing this block so you can these messages.”, and then couple days ago I was giving it a try again trying to verify my identity via my phone number, and the text message still didn’t show up.  Funny thing is when I sign up to post on this board, it also tried to verify my identity and that text message with the one-time pin went through since it’s from tmobile.

So does anyone know where I can find this setting?  I can only find under Profile then Block calls and messages settings, which at the moment I have Block Other enabled for Block Content Downloads, and Scam Block is currently off.  Should I try remove disable Block Content Downloads or is there another setting somewhere I can check?  Thanks for the help!

2 replies


Any help here?

I have the same problem, I went into the local T-Mobile store and I was told to call T-Mobile and ask them to remove the blocker.  I still have not called, I haven’t had time during day.   But it sure is annoying.  Can’t do a request online either or at least I have not found out where to do request it.