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  • 21 October 2020
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So, I have taken advantage of $500 off for Galaxy S20 FE with Trade-In. I have the new phone with me. However, I literally can’t find Trade-In Label or Instructions anywhere on my account. Can someone please help me out in this regard? 

Also, I did return an unopened OnePlus 8 back to T-Mobile and it was received on Monday. How many days would it take before my account is updated and the device is removed from EIP status?


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8 replies

I have a similar problem I traded 3 devices and need to send them in. The link in the email sent by t-Mobile doesn't work, takes me to a page saying needs 48 hours to update order status. its been 10 days and time is running out to send in these trade ins.

Please I need help here.

I have the same problem. Was told to take to store— they said they cannot take trade ins… very frustrated. New customer from at&t… stuck on hold forever and can’t get answers 

The link to the five devices I’m trading in will not work and I cannot print a shipping label. Order status is not available on my account to try to root it out that way. I’m on a long hold with customer support. Any others had any luck resolving? 


Never mind! I found it. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to My Account
  • Click the line associated with the trade-in
  • Scroll down until you find order status
  • click on Order Status
  • It will take you to a page with applicable offers
  • Select the offer you want to print label for
  • Select + sign for details. 
  • If there is a device required for trade-in, it will be listed there alongside a button to print shipping lable


Hello T-Mobile Customer Service,

How does the trade in works when u upgrade the old device to new phone. Will u provide a box or envelope to sent back the old device back if the device has a screen cracked will u still take it.



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As mentioned in another post.  It should have the option to print the label in your account under the line with the device on it that you are trading in.  However, it is easier to just call Customer Care and ask them to e-mail you the return label and instructions.  

I called T-Mobile about my device and they were very helpful - a long wait on hold — but the technician shared with me that my device had been marked for “recovery,” which presumably means they sent me a label to ship it back. For some reason, a number of devices he said this had happened. So they are sending me a new unit and I’m sending the old one back. Should be at my home by today. It was working wonderfully for a couple weeks and just suddenly quit working. 


I need to send back my old Galaxy Note9. I have tried to log in on a computer and on my phone. I cannot access instructions or shipping label. Please help.