Showing Wrong Time Zone and T-Mobile Can't Fix

  • 10 December 2019
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Been on the phone three times to T-Mobile support. Last time, it took one hour. They supposedly have "recycled" the device to get it to show the correct time. Nobody from T-Mobile knows how to fix it. They tell us to manually set the time. We did that, and a few hours later the devices show the wrong time again. They tried to tell us it was a Samsung problem (we have a Note 10 and Note 9). They first said I would have to go to an Ifixit place to get the software "flashed". I popped my sim card into a spare Moto phone and it showed the wrong time also. So I know it's not a device problem.

Our tower is 20 miles from the border of CST and EST. But the time switches to the wrong time zone when you get about 30 miles from the border. But there are several T-mobile towers between here and the border.

Not one rep from T-mobile has any idea how to fix this. They just tell us that it's fixed, but it's not. If this doesn't get resolved, we will have no choice but to switch carriers. Our AT&T and T-Mobile is on the same tower.


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From what I've seen, engineers are working on a fix for this issue on Note10+ 5G. We do appreciate your patience as a solution is being worked on.

I just noticed this same issue today on my S20 5G. So frustrating! We are in central time and my clock keeps showing eastern time. Any ideas on what is causing this? It doesn’t sound like anyone in this thread has received sufficient information from T-Mobile. Never had this issue on our previous Galaxy phones, and have only had our new ones for about a month.

I had a ticket open with T-Mobile that was supposed to be resolved by 10/9. Called them yesterday 10/11 and they opened a new ticket with a callback of 10/14. They have admitted that it's definitely a T-Mobile issue and not a Samsung issue.

We were told by T-Mobile to simply set the time to manual time. After we set our devices to manual, a few hours or the next day the devices switch to auto date and time. The settings change by itself to auto date and time.

The problem is definitely with T-Mobile. We got a booster from T-Mobile, and after we hooked it up, the auto date and time works perfect while we are in the house with wifi turned off and completely on the cell network. . After I'm a quarter of a mile down the road, it kicks to the other time zone when it's on auto date and time.

My S20 Plus, along with my wife's S20 Plus are doing the same thing. They were perfectly fine until the latest software update. Makes me wonder if it has something to do with that...

Same issue on two brand new S20 ultras - changes from Mountain Time to Central Time randomly. Tried all the fixes mentioned in this thread. I noticed it happen once when the phone dropped from wifi to 5G, but that's the only time I caught it. Spoke with T-Mobile and they said it's a Samsung issue. Spoke with Samsung and they said it's a T-Mobile issue.

My S20 Ultra along with my wife's are doing the same thing.  This has been going on for over a month now.  I have spent many hours on phone with customer service resetting time to manual and having it go back to auto randomly and after every restart.  High phones up to date and sim cards changed twice with no fix.  But I can go back to my One Plus 7 and there is no issue.  T-Mobile please get this sorted out or let us give phone back and get something that works.  

I just noticed this same issue today on my S20 5G. So frustrating! We are in central time and my clock keeps showing eastern time. Any ideas on what is causing this? It doesn’t sound like anyone in this thread has received sufficient information from T-Mobile. Never had this issue on our previous Galaxy phones, and have only had our new ones for about a month.

I’m VERY grateful to those you you experiencing this problem and all the frustrations with it - because OBVIOUSLY tmobile isn’t doing DI*K to fix it! I have the OnePlus 7T pro 5g, and just starting noticing the same problem in the last 4 days. After reading thru this thread, I have switched my phone’s 5G off and MAGICALLY!!! - the time immediately corrects itself!

TMO - how ‘bout somebody GET OFF YOUR A** and get this 5G problem sorted out?!?!?!

Any progress on this?  Apologies for resurrecting a zombie thread but I’ve just moved from PST to EST and every one of my Samsung devices continues to revert back to PST after a little while.

I’m using the 4GLTE CellSpot to improve my coverage.  Have updated its address but that doesn’t seem to help at all.  Curious if anyone else found resolution.


Samsung S21 Plus here..started facing the same problem described above. I live in PST zone and the timezone gets changed to EST. Samsung rep just asked me to first toggle automatic time zone setting to off/on and then to reboot to Safe Mode and restart after 2 mins to clear up any bugs. Nothing worked. 

Tmobile rep too wasnt any helpful and juat talked about toggling the settings, speaking to Samsung, or going to Tmob store to see if they can do a hard reset to chck! Pathetic response. By this time this should have been there in their knowledge base with a ready resolution..the rep said he cant see this issue as a known issue in their system. what BS.

my S20 started this just now too!

From what I can tell this is an issue with the 5G. Turning 5G off keeps me on my EST timezone when connecting to the tower near my home. When I turn 5G back on, it goes back one hour to CST. This is absolutely super annoying. I mean, is it the tower(s)? Is it this phone? This has caused issues with my alarm numerous times now.


ours is doing that too.   Have tried everything and it will not keep settings.  Goes between eastern and Central Time Zone about every 2 or 3 minutes.   Never know what time it is and I can't use alarm or reminders

Yes.  We've all tried that.  Its not something we can fix.   Apparently it's a known issue... and not sure when it will be corrected. 

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Turn off "Automatically Adjust Time Zone" in the time settings of your device. 

Done that 20 times. I set it manually, and within a few hours, it kicks back to automatic time. Wife's phone does the same thing.

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When you say it kicks back to automatic are you saying the setting changes back or even with the setting on manual, it's still showing the wrong time?

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Try going into settings > Apps> clock > and wipe the cache & data. Restart the phone; then, reset the clock manually.

Done that several times.

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You wiped the cache & data of the Clock app (not the phone)? Correct? 😕 Then, restarted the phone?....

That is correct. I was told to wipe the cache and data of the clock app. I also did the same on my Moto phone and it still shows the wrong time when I put a T-Mobile sim in it. I even asked T-Mobile if it could be the sim card. So I had an extra sim and called to activate that sim to see if that was the issue. Still showed the wrong time on the other sim.

My wife's Note 9 does the same thing. Her time is off by one hour. And no fix in sight.

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First, I understand how frustrating this could be (especially for someone like me who can't seem to keep am/pm straight during the day much less off by only an hour!); however (without trying to sound condescending, though I'm sure it does), after you wiped the cache & data you turned on set time manually and immediately reset the phone?

I fully understand. I did exactly what you recommended and it does the same thing. I did the following:

1. Wiped cache and data in the clock app.

2. Set time to manual with correct time and time zone entered.

3. Restarted the device.

Note: I did not reset the phone, but restarted it. I'm wondering if I need to totally reset the device.

When I got to work this morning, the time was already incorrect again.

A follow-up to my last message: I did a total reset of the device back to original factory settings. Just like I had bought a new device. The minute I put the T-Mobile Sim in, the clock went back to the wrong time. Definitely a T-Mobile problem.

I don't want to leave T-Mobile, but I can't live with the wrong time constantly on my device. At my work, I depend on a device with the correct time. It just seems that T-Mobile has no clue how to fix this. It is not a problem with the device. It is the network.

AT&T is the dominant player around here, and I havn't run into one person who has the wrong time on their devices with AT&T.

I just wish T-Mobile would show some interest in helping me. They surely read these discussions.

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So a factory reset did NOT fix the clock "won't stick to manual setting" problem either....ODD! 😕