SIgn-up offer changed?

  • 26 July 2021
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So I talked up T-Mobile so much that my better half called and talked to them. They made such a great offer that we switched 3 lines from Verizon on the spot. A few days later when the new phone and two SIM cards arrived we called to get help porting the numbers and were told the original salesman promised some things we couldn’t have, at a price we couldn’t have. After talking with Amanda for a while she gave us almost as good a deal for just a little more so we went ahead with it. A day or so later we got a text that there was a discrepancy with our account so we called in and once again we’d been given too much for too little, so the price got upped again, and one of the things that was taken away was the free Netflix account (after I’d changed our other tv subscriptions in anticipation of it).

I was ready to switch back to Verizon but my better half wanted to stay, maybe in part for the discounted phone =)

Has anyone else experienced something like this? I can understand one instance, maybe if the first guy was new, but two times in a row made me feel like bait and switch. I’m wary about trusting T-Mobile about anything now, and interested in others’ experiences.

Thank you!

2 replies

Hey, the same thing happened to me. I had talked and talked with my team of experts. Finally, I got a great deal. The Magenta Max+55, 4 lines for 135.00 per month. Then when I called back to confirm they didn’t want to give the deal. We had been customers with Verizon for 20 years and I told the person that I thought I had made a mistake switching over and that I would probably be going back to Verizon even though they were more expensive. So they went ahead and have me the 135.00 a month. Today I look at my bill and its 180.00. I’m so mad now. They lady I spoke with told me I must have looked at the wrong plan. I didn’t look at the wrong plan. Really considering switching back no matter what the cost. 


You must have looked at the wrong plan? What a stretch. I saw we both go back to Verizon =) Unfortunately for T-M, and I do feel bad about this, customer service is HUGE to me, and when it’s poor I seem to need to let the steam off. Nowadays the easy way to do that is go about online sharing the experience. I hope they saved enough by lying to us to make it worth the negative publicity.