Signing up is hard to do...

  • 27 October 2020
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We switched from Verizon over to T-Mobile on October 23rd.  I was told that we'd pay $70 per month for two lines on the Magenta over 55 plan, we'd pay $25.00 for each of two iPhone 11s on the first month and pay for only one phone for each additional month.  Which would make our first bill $120.00 and each additional bill $95.00.  I received our first bill notice and it was for $150.00.  While waiting for a support agent on the phone I found the problem.  We were put into individual Magenta plans at $50.00 each.  The support person changed that for me.

I then found another issue and called back, getting a different agent.  He assured me that the problem I was seeing ($170.00 per month) was simply a glitch in the website software and it would be corrected.  I then told him I didn't see the promotion on my account either.  He checked and found that the promotion is only available for a two line account and wasn't added to our account because we were initially set up with two individual plans which doesn't satisfy the conditions of the promotion.  He made that change and adjusted my bill accordingly.

We purchased this from your North Attleboro Ma. T-Mobile store located at the Emerald Square Mall from a person named (name redacted here). He initially told us that the iPhone 11 promotion had ended the previous day and tried pushing us to the iPhone 12.  We weren't happy about that.  He then miraculously found that he was wrong and that the 23'rd was actually the last day.  Lucky us.  When speaking to the support person tonight (the 26th) he assured me that this promotion is still ongoing.  

I really don't appreciate the bait and switch tactics employed regarding this promotion.  I'm also not entirely sure that being placed on two separate plans at $50.00 per plan, as opposed to a family plan, was an honest mistake.  Regardless... This cost me an hour and a half of grief tonight straightening this mess out.  The person who finally untangled all of this is GREG. Hats off to Greg… 




2 replies


There’s an update on this.  I noticed nothing was changed on my account.  I called today only to be told that we don’t even QUALIFY for the promotion that roped us in to TMobile.  It had to be NEW lines not ported over lines.  I’m sure the store knows this and just uses the promotion to rope you in.  Going to the store tomorrow.  I’ll TRY to keep my cool, but I doubt that’s going to happen… 



I feel u all, with the bait to go into the T MOBILE STORES. MY SON, ON HIS BIRTHDAY WANTED TO UPGRADE, KEY WORD UPGRADE AND LIKE ALWAYS TMOBILE HAD ALL OF THERE CHILDREN TRYING TO FIGURE A WAY TO SQUIRM THERE WAY OUT OF A FREE UP GRADE. MY SONS PHONE WHICH WAS AN IPHONE 8.   Anyways,  She did her examination and turned the phone over and over and over and over until she finally found a very fine scratch right on the bottom which was not even a real deep scratch you would have to had pointed it out in order to see it. She must of had 20/20 vision or t-mobile vision, I don't know.  I do know that she said said that we couldn't upgrade for free cause of the tiny scratch on there. The phone was paid for and I know for a fact that scratch could have been buffed out or whatever you guys could have did and resold the phone on a refurbish rack or buy as is rack. Either way you would sold the phone twice and made out like a bandit, like always. So she said no, and I told her  It's just like T-Mobile you guys always do this you guys always take, take & take, but you never give  The customer their satisfaction on there passed tractions, specially with GAS PRICES, BUT NO.  You guys think you guys do good, because that's all you accept, You never really do anything for Those Consumers that genuinely have a problem with your company, like you claim to sound like or act like. All tmobile likes to hear is that they got a solid 8 or 9 on the survey. That"s all corporate probably said to do, I bet. They gave the yearly numbers and crunched them and let all the Stores and customer service employees know a solid 8 will be just enough for us to hit our yearly goal. Without, having to actully make it right and give the upgrades or any other promoted items, I will send you a picture too, just incase u would like to verify my story. But I dont think that it would even show up on the pic. I never hear the stories that do get corrected after your constomers concerns, that tmobile sells false dreams, of not having a new phone to pay off. I'll throw u one, how about a chart taking $$$ off for each blemish mark on the phone that you are turning in. Now that would be fair, but no one reads these out cries of continuous bursts of misleading bait that tmobile puts out. I guess the "T" STANDS FOR THIEF-MOBILE, BECAUSE I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE IVE BEEN RIPPED OFF.