SIM card will not activate

  • 28 February 2022
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 My son’s phone was just exchanged by Apple.  T-Mobile can’t activate the new phone. We have tried 8 different SIM cards plus e-SIM at 3 different T-Mobile stores.  Everything looks OK with the account. Our other 3 phones on the account are working fine. Nobody can figure out what is wrong.  If we try the SIM in a different device it doesn’t work either. Plus Apple ran diagnostics on the new phone and they said everything is OK.

The message we receive when attempting to place a call is “You’re being routed to T-Mobile.  It looks like you are trying to use a device that doesn’t have an active SIM card.” But the store confirms they activated the SIM card every time.

I’ve spent a total of 5 hours in 3 different T-Mobile stores over the weekend.  Nobody ever saw this happen before and they don’t know what to do.  The tech support that the T-Mobile employees from the store called didn’t have a clue either.

If this isn’t resolved in the next day or two I will have to leave T-Mobile after almost 7 years. . . .

3 replies

Figure it out? Having the same problem 

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when they route the call to t-mobile talk to the rep and explain what is going on they may be able to work the problem out for you if not contct t-mobile through their online accounts such as facebook or twitter.

Have you tried a factory reset on the phone?  Make sure and put the pics and contacts somewhere first so you don’t lose them.  Sounds like its the phone not communicating with the SIM card.  Worth a shot.