Simple Choice plan vs. T-mobile One (w/HD video/10gb tethering incl.)

  • 19 February 2017
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I have a grandfathered Simple Choice plan $50.00 + Unlimited Data Service $20.00 and thinking of changing to the newer T-Mobile One plan that now includes HD video & 10gb of tethering for $70.00 w/autopay.


Currently, my bill total before taxes is $70.00. After taxes its about $78.00 per month on average.


Does the newer T-Mobile One plan HD video include 1080p or is it restricted to 720p?


Is there anything else I'll be losing with dropping my Simple Choice plan in favor of the newer One plan?


My Simple Choice plan features include:




Unlimited Talk & Text

  • Free video streaming with 3GB or higher data plan
  • Free music streaming
  • Unused data rolls forward with 3GB or higher data plan
  • No annual service contracts or overages
  • Free overseas texting & roaming
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • Gogo in-flight benefits
  • Mobile hotspot



  • Adds Unlimited Nationwide 4G data on T-Mobile's network. Includes up to 5 GB of Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (SMH) service

27 replies

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‌Very smart of you to post up your concerns before switching to another plan. I have read so many post from this forum and other T-Mobile oriented forums where people changed plans just to get a free promotional phone, just to find out that their original plan was better. Well the best thing to do, is exactly what you have done (List everything you currently have). There are so many different variations of plans out there with T-Mobile. But from reading what you have it looks like you only have 1 line with unlimited internet and talk (Simple Choice Plan).

I noticed 2 benefits you did not include that you should have because you are an unlimited simple choice subscriber.

1. Rhapsody/ Napster Unradio (This is a $4.99 per month value) and you get this for free every month for staying on the Simple Choice Plan. Im unsure if this is a deal breaker for you. I don't even use my Napster on a regular basis, but its still great to know i do have it when im ready for it.

2. VUDU credits (This is a $3.99 per month Value) and you get this for free because you are on the unlimited simple choice plan. Don't confuse this credit with T-Mobile Tuesday Vudu credits that used to be given out. I have talked to some Tmobile reps and some are unaware of this benefit. They themselves confuse it with the Old Vudu credits that was distributed on T-Mobile Tuesday, and they will say they give out Fandango credits now. I know for a fact they still provide these credits because i just claimed my January credits last week. So this credit has been extended to the 2017 year despite some of Tmobile advertisements saying 2016 year.

IM unsure if these 2 benefits carry over to the T-Mobile One Plan. But you will need to clarify that with a knowledgeable rep. I had an issue just yesterday concerning a rep telling me one thing 3 months ago, and when im expecting a particular credit still not get it. But luckily the rep yesterday dug deeper into the notation of my account and found the problem. I will recommend that you have these reps make notations of what they tell you in your file.... because if they tell you your Vudu credits and Napster carries over to the T-Mobile One plan, but then a month from now tell you it doesn't carry over and its too late to go back to your previous plan.

THere may be other perks im unfortunately can't remember, but if i can think of anything more i will definitely post it here.


I thought about going to the tmobileone plan after they improved it.... but it doesnt pan out well for me. Im also on the sameplan as you (Simple Choice) but i opted for the:

2 lines promo deal  for $100 dollars + taxes and fees. If i only had just that i would consider jumping to tmobile one. But i also took advantage of the 2 free lines during the black friday promotional deal... Tmobile still haven't corrected the credit issue with that, but was told they see the glitch and will fix it.

so i have 4 phone unlimited lines for $100 dollars + taxes + fees so that if i went to Tmobile One... instead of me paying $100 dollars plus taxes... i would be (from my understandin) paying $160 Dollars under the Tmobile one plan. I have not received a clear explanation of if the free lines carry over. I also have the unlimited international calling and texting family feature for all of my four (4) phone lines and that cost only $10 dollars extra per month for all the phones....  if i lose that benefit.... under he tmobile one plan the international feature would cost me $25 per line.... totaling $100 dollars.... when i get the same exact thing for $10 dollars. So its not beneficial for me to switch. If you wanted the international calling + texting now under the plan you have it cost $15 dollars per line.... the $10 International Family Plan was a promo that i got years ago and it is nolonger available, and as i said the Tmobile One advertise this feature at $25 dollars per line. If you are looking to get this feature in the future... i would consider that price increase. I read a post from someone yesterday that there is a $15 international add-on under the tmobile one plan, but Tmobile does not advertise it, but if you called tmobile they could add it. That does make sense, because many features are not advertised but still obtainable if you asked for it. For example, if you were deaf, and didnt need unlimited talk on your phone, Tmobile does carry a plan where you can have just Unlimited Data on your phone with no voice feature. This isnt widely advertised, but it is available if you asked for it.

but as for you, it may be beneficial for you because you only have 1 unlimited line... you will bump up to a 10 GB HOTSPOT allowance and get taxes and fees included with your plan. If you can pass up $59.88 bucks of Napster credits per year, and you are not interested in the $47.88 in Vudu credits per year.... then it may be beneficial for you to switch. Because im assuming all of the upcoming promotional deals will be geared toward T-Mobile's new baby "The T-Mobile One" ... the Simple Choice Plan is the old grown up kid that has already moved out the 😜

My Simple Choice plan doesn't include free access to Napster or VUDU. Probably because it's an older variant of the plan?

Regardless, It seems so far that the newest One plan will save me roughly $8 per month equaling out to $96 per year. 😊

i had the same grandfathered Simple Choice plan as you. The Vudu credits could be activated if you left the BingeOn option on when you had the unlimited plan, if you turned that off (which im guessing since you are asking about keeping 1080p vid) i made the switch to the Tmobile OnE plan with HD and after figuring out how to turn it on(its a one time thing that you have to switch on the HD setting) video would stream at whatever the content is broadcast in..i was even watching youtube in 1440p(had to change stream quality settings in youtube)with no in 1080

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Napster | T-Mobile

CLick the link above to see if you are eligible for the Free Napster UnRadio sponsored by T-Mobile.

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@naytashac stated... your Binge On has to be "ON" for the previous full month in order to get the credit.

The second T-Mobile added the silly Binge-On option (when it was mandatory before the opt out was added) I disabled it. No need for it when I have unlimited data and could care less about data usage.

And nope, my account is not eligible for VUDU or Napster.

I'm on the current Simple Choice PrePay 6gb plan for $65.....$70ish after tax. liked that it has data stash and 48-p vids do not count towards useage.

Wasn't interested in the new ONE unlimited plan until they now include HD video.

Would be the same price and would get unlimted.

However, with the current Pre-pay plan, Binge-On will not disable and I can not stream HD video. It says it disabled online, even T-mobile rep says they show it is off....but i am still being throttled. Only by using  a VPN does vids stream in HD.

I first started with t-mobile a year ago on the cheaper Simple Pre-pay 5gb plan for $50 and I could toggle the "Data Maximizer" setting (same as Binge-On) and it would indeed turn on or off. I did that multiple times for a few months. I upgraded to the better pre-pay plans, ever since, can not disable the video throttle.

I do see some threads here of people on the new ONE plan that have the same issues, no hd video even when setting is Off.

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I personally switched off my old simple choice unlimited plan. Mine was the $80 dollar variant that came to $89.61 after taxes. I lost Napster but it wasn't a deal breaker since i'm saving about 20 bucks a month. With that money i just bought Spotify instead(which is a much better service). Anywho should you switch i would say yes since it has all the same features and then some. Once you active the HD pass add on you will be good to go and service will go back into effect as if you never switched. Plus you will have more data to tether with.

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Hey @quailalstar‌!  It looks like you got a ton of feedback here - were you able to make your decision with this input?  If there are any outstanding concerns we can address for you, please let us know!

- Marissa


Were you able to find out if the 2 free lines from the magenta Friday would carry over to the T-Mobile one plan?

I'm in the same boat as you, and I would rather not lose those free lines.


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‌i have been so busy with life... i didn't know i stated i was going to see if the two free lines from Black Friday would carry over to the T-Mobile One.... (my apologies 😢).... i know the 2 free lnes and the new free line this month was added to my simple choice plan with no huge problems....  i have not asked any reps what happens to the free lines if a customer goes from the simple choice plan to the tmobile one plan. For now, im going to stay with my simple choice plan... that works best for me... 

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I was told it carries over. I switched and I won't know til the 13th

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‌that's awesome that it carries over... 😮

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My fingers are crossed lol

At least I was told I could switch back. Honestly don't really need the lines so if I have to pay almost $80 more that I should AT&T sounds really good as they'd be cheaper at that point for the lines I need

Perhaps you might want to read what tmo_chris has to say in this thread.

I have personally confirmed more than once that we do lose any special promo benefits attached to grandfathered plans, if we abandon those plans. I have checked and double checked the details concerning the differences between my Simple Choice plan and  the T-Mobile One. If I was every going to switch I knew I would have to do it before I accepted the recent Free Additional Line offer. The only way to keep the extra line when switching to T-Mobile One was to switch to the One plan first, then add the free line to the new One plan.

I gratefully accepted the free line offer and added it to my Simple Choice plan.

I think you made the right choice keeping your plan and your additional free lines. 😊


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The 4 lines for $150 where the 4th line is free sure, but the free 2 lines during Thanksgiving week worked with any plan. I believe that's what people were trying to figure out.

tidbits wrote:

the free 2 lines during Thanksgiving week worked with any plan.

I believe that's what people were trying to figure out.

tidbits wrote:

free 2 lines during Thanksgiving week worked with any plan.

I believe that's what people were trying to figure out.

" However, the credits you receive for the mobile internet tablet lines would NOT CARY OVER as the credits they are getting are related to the rate plan which would be changing".

I have confirmed that free lines added to an old plan do not  migrate to a new plan. I have confirmed this with front line phone reps and supervisors. Tmo_chris is my most convienient source to quote to clear up any misconseptions. This link will provide the context for the quote in bold letters above.

People are trying to figure out  . . .

, , ,what the true facts are.  It is very dificult in these confusing times. T-Mobile is going through a period of rapid growth. Confusion is inevetible.

I have been a T-Mobile customer for twenty years,

It takes effort to stay on top of things when a Company grows as fast as T-Mo. One of the ways I keep

informed is by lurking in forums like this. I also check and double check everything with multiple sources before taking any action affecting my grandfathered plans.

I finally joined the community so that I could help provide any facts and opinions which might help "people (who) are trying to figure out . . ."

The first bit of advice I have to give is to stop believing what you hear in a T-Mobile store. They will lie to get a person to switch plans. That is a fact. Not an opinion. I always get my info from phone reps and supervisors. The stores are agressively trying to upsell and don't always give clear concise answers to questions.  The T-Mobile stores are a major factor in causing people dificulty when trying to get simple answers to simple questions.

After experiencing outright lies at a local T-Mobile store about my existing plan verses the new One plan I decided to join this community to do my part to help dispel misinformation and the resulting confusion which  force paying customers to figure out company policies for themselvies. The company itself should actively strive to correct misinformation which comes from employes and independent contractors.

T-Mobile has always made things right whenever I have had problems in the past. I know  T-Mo will address the concerns of the members of this community. In the meantime I am happy that we are given the opportunity to help each other.


tidbits wrote:

At least I was told I could switch back. Honestly don't really need the lines so if I have to pay almost $80 more that I should AT&T sounds really good as they'd be cheaper at that point for the lines I need

If you end up in a situation that you feel that you lost a benefit or better plan because you received bad information from an employee, T-Mobile will listen to your concerns and try to make things right. However you might have to be persistant to reach the right person who has the authority to make it right.

Being willing to leave T-Mo as you aluded to, is ultimately your ace in the hole. T-Mobile reps know your current plan details and know your options with the other carriers. If you explain your needs and how a compettitor will serve you better, you will most likely get a T-Mo offer you can't refuse.   😊


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@artartI really enjoyed reading your post 😉. I read other post from people on this forum that doesn't make any sense to me. Many of the comments are irrational or simple minded. But in some rare cases... for some people it is beneficial to switch to a T-Mobile One Plan. With the Simple choice plan, there are hundreds of different variations ranging from 1 voice line with 2GB of data to 8+ voice lines with unlimited data. If you throw into the mix of the Tablet lines, and now the smart watch lines (i forgot the official name they use)... But, im in a category where I lose basically the Holy Grail of a plan to switch and gain a "Tin Cup + a Kick Feature minus taxes"... if i had a Simple Choice Plan having Two (2) voice lines with 6GB each paying for instance $80 Dollars Plus $12 taxes.... it may be a wise decision to go to the Tmobile One Plan and pay $100 Dollars for an unlimited ONE plan and have the kick back, taxes included, and get an extra line to boot.... yes i probably would switch if i had to decide.... But some of these Grandfathered Plans are like rare diamonds !!!!! People are handing over their treasure for bobbles & trinkets  😥 (it's sad). Some people are unaware of what they are doing, until a month later they feel as if they had been violated when they see their account and they liked how it had been previously. Everyone has the right to choose for themselves, no matter how crazy of a deal they accept. And the same as you mentioned, i check many sources before i make decisions as it relates to my wireless plan. I won't get tricked to leave a great plan to get a free $200 dollar phone! I was on the phone with a rep a couple of weeks ago because my tablet line didn't have the free data for life (200mb) any more.... She says to me that it looked like my plan was changed... then she asked me if I had changed my plan (I replied No !!!!! Please Don't Change my plan!!!! Keep it the way it is.... just add back my 200mb for life).... she fixed the issue.... but when i hear a rep start using words that are associated with a plan change, i get frantic and paranoid 😀.... and i don't trust the reps in the store.... they are worse than used car salesmen. The customer service reps are much better to interact with than store reps. I went to a tmobile store last year to get a simcard for my tablet, the guy wanted to put me in a jump program, wanted to get ne to go to the Tmobile One Plan, and tried to convince me i can save $50 a month if i switch to the ONE plan. One time i bought a phone from the T-Mobile store, and they tried really hard to hook me onto the JUMP Program, i refused..... found out that night after looking at my account online they added me to the JUMP Progam despite me telling them i wasn't interested 😈. I have been with T-Mobile for 10 years.... and they have sprouted like a weed! I enjoy all of their promotions and extra perks and benefits.... but I pick and choose what I like and I reject what I don't like.... and at the end of the day, I have an awesome cell phone plan that im very satisfied with. I had Verizon, I had AT&T.... i had tmobile and Verizon at the same time for about 2 years..... because Verizon had that unlimited data for iphones back in 2007 i believe that year..... i snatched it up!!!! but.... i grew tired of paying so much for that iphone.... so i got rid of verizon in 2010.... that was the best move I have ever made concerning cell phones. Thank You T-Mobile for my 3 FREE UNLIMITED PHONE LINES WITH INTERNATIONAL CALLING AND TEXTING ABILITIES    A Deal worth $165 Dollars under the Simple Choice Plan.... and I walked away with it for free wih Napster Unradio + Vudu Credits for each line.... umm... im definitely sticking with my current plan & I refuse to be assimilated 😉.

EVeryone Choose For Yourself and I hope you make the right choice for you 😊

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‌i read the post by tmo_chris that you provided the link to (thank you for that link).... based on what he says.... those free lines won't carry over!!!!!

im sure next month.... everyone that switched to the Tmobile One recently ditching the Simple Choice Plan will began to post on this Forum they want to come back to the Simple Choice Plan. The grass isn't always greener. 😮

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I called in 3 times prior to the switch and they all said it carried over. If it doesn't I will be hell bent going g back to my previous offering or get my discounts back.


It looks like you have a very good understanding

about how the game is played.Thankyou for taking time to tell your story about your expierience in a T-Moble store. These stories all seem to start the same. "I went into a T-Mobile store to get a SIM card".😥

I also went into a T-Mobile store to get a SIM card.

Some day I might also tell my story. Currently I am waiting for a T-Mobile store district manager to contact me regarding a formal complaint I have lodged about a T-Mobile store.

T-Mobile is a great company.

Many employees have gone to great lengths to deliver promised services over the years. Occasionally there have been a few unintentional screw ups by some employees. T-Mobile has always fixed any problems and made up for any inconveniences caused by misinformation from those few employees.

I trust T-Mobile

to fix deliberate acts of deception by employees who are intentionally misleading customers. 😊


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Is your data 6gb simple Choice for free after bill credits?

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Is your 3 free lines TMO simple choice 6 GB after bill credits