Since TMobile took over, Longtime Sprint Customers Don't Matter

  • 30 November 2021
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Since December 30, 2019 through today, Longtime customers mean zero.

I was lied to about a 2nd phone when I never wanted a 2nd phone on December 30, 2019 when the 2 companies were merging.

Now I have a family member, child, using the phone and wanting to upgrade with TMOBILE even with bad service I just found out after 3hrs on the phone, no exceptions nor specific deals for customers who have stayed 21 yrs and especially with being conned December 30 2019 with false advertising verbally and not being able to  exercise my lookover period.

TMOBILE doesn't allow Customer Service to make exceptions and puts them in a bad position.  Their Customer Service has limited access to your account. 

I'm tired of complaining for 2 yrs and today just reminded me why I need to look for a carrier who cares about their dedicated customers since TMOBILE chaps  on Sprint Longtime customers.

I've worked in Customer service for over 30yrs and cannot understand why TMOBILE is horrible to their employees which reflects on Longtime customers like me.


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