Sorriest Phone Company

  • 28 August 2017
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This has got to be the sorriest phone company I have ever been with. not only do you all charge random and ridiculous things without the customer's knowledge, but you also have the MOST incompetent workers working for you!!! Been with this company for over 6 years and I can't even get a customer service rep to connect me to a supervisor when i ask. Instead they just talk in circles repeating these same over and over while I'm still thinking I want to speak with a supervisor not them!! This is the 3rd time in a row that I have had to set up a payment arrangement and some that you all hired would tell me I have to wait til a certain day and that my service would not be interrupted and yet MY SERVICE GETS INTERRUPTED!!! I am switching to ATT just as soon as they open!! I could go on all day about this sorry phone company but I am not going to waste my time anymore with these people.



*edited to soften language - Marissa

3 replies

Have you tried contacting T-Mobile through chat on iOS or PC? They are available 24 hours a day through chat.  I assure you the Financial Care department can assist you in restoring your account if you we're supposed to have a payment arrangement set up to avoid interruption. Sorry to hear about your trouble with Customer Care.

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I've had my best successes using twitter or facebook. They seem to get it right. Maybe cause they have more time to fix it versus being on a phone with a customer and working against the clock.

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Hey, @jaf497​. This is a huge bummer to read! We should always be transparent about any costs associated with services so that you know what to expect on your statements, and should never deny a customer the opportunity to speak to a management member if it's needed. These are very serious issues and your frustration is understood completely. We appreciate the time you took to let us know here, but if you're able we'd definitely like to have the feedback provided to a team with account access so that we can review the notes and make sure that the appropriate folks are made aware. I know that you'd need to wait until your due date to set up a Payment Arrangement, but you definitely shouldn't be suspended on your due date without an existing past due balance! For all of these reasons, we would love to have you Contact Us so that we can take a deeper look at what's happening here and get this right. Both of our Community members here had great suggestions about alternate ways to contact us. I know you're feeling burned, but I sincerely hope you'll reach out and give us an opportunity to fix this.

- Marissa