Sorry, that SIM card is Reserved.

  • 11 June 2021
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I ordered a T-Mobile prepaid SIM a few days ago and it arrived earlier today. When I try to activate it I get the message “Sorry, that SIM card is Reserved.” So I called customer service and had someone tell me, after a long wait to talk to them and a longer wait talking to them, that they were referring it to the “back office” and that I need to wait two hours.

I wait over two hours and eventually call back and apparently there is a two hour queue just to speak to someone. So while I’m in the queue I open up a live chat with a rep and am able to be spoken to slightly quicker. They redirect me to the prepaid customer service, apparently they’re different, and the guy who I speak to, after I told him I’d waited the two hours, tells me I actually need to wait two and a half hours. By this point it had already been over three hours, I tell him this, and he tells me to hold on before HANGING UP ON ME. I’m almost certain he did this intentionally.

Luckily, I’m still in the chat with the other rep and she assures me again and again that their engineers are working on getting my old number released and that it should be within a day that this is accomplished. Obviously at this point I’m a bit skeptical after seemingly being lied to and hung up on. It’s now been over 5 hours since I was told it would be 2 hours and still nothing. So I don’t know what to do here, but I will say the customer service has been just god awful.

The first woman I spoke to even quipped at the very end of the call that we’d speak again. I just want my plan that I paid for to work or at least a solid answer on what is going on here. I cannot believe it’s been this difficult just for the most basic possible thing you could ask for.

And I should say, at no point was I rude to customer service. Not passive aggressive, nothing.

1 reply


After some messing with it, it seems to be working today. Still annoyed about being hung up on, but at least it works.