Sorry, you're not eligible for T-Mobile Carrier Freedom

  • 15 June 2022
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Frustrated, and about to roll back to AT&T and cut my losses. 

My story, after 18 years with AT&T, the latest changes to fees and plans prompted me to look at alternatives. I looked at T-Mobile last, and one of the things that drew me to T-Mobile was the idea that I could get compensation, after the fact, for the financed hardware that I would need to payoff to make the move. For me it is a terrible time to have to shell out $1400 total to pay off our two phones. T-mobile does an excellent job of luring you in, with all of my questions answered, then even shipped a temporary hotspot to test my areas coverage, I was hooked. I had a plan to “go to the well” for funds, pay off the phones and get reimbursed for the phones using the carrier freedom offer “Keep and Switch”. I was very careful, following every step, and have completely moved my devices to T-Mobile, ported and the whole nine yards. The last step in this PASSIVE process, was my least fear, submitting for the rebate, I was terribly wrong. 

To begin with the process is passive, meaning there is no upfront dialog or commitment, as T-mobile is asking you to take a leap of faith, “go pay your phones off, and we will reimburse you with this offer, only they are not committed to approving or even let you submit to reimbursement. Plus their terms are finite, in that you have 30 days to submit.

I have tried to submit the form no less than 20 times over the last couple of days and every time, I get the following error: “Sorry, you're not eligible for T-Mobile Carrier Freedom”  I have contacted support (online chat, telephone, and twitter) and have been told, to wait a day, then wait 3 days, and I find this to be unacceptable. If you follow the “Keep and Switch” procedure, it does not say wait to submit, rather it is clear you are limited to 30 days to submit. This, I believe is a systemic issue within T-Mobile’s systems and a passive work around, “wait and see what happens” is both unfair and unacceptable as I am stretching my personal finances at the peril of a cell phone provider.

I am considering rolling back to AT&T, but if anyone knows a fix or work around for this, I would greatly appreciate a reply with your thoughts! 

8 replies


Update on my issue, I spoke to the folks at the Carrier Freedom support and was told wait 3 days, as your data has not completed within the T-Mobile system, what the hell?? This is ridiculous, what kind of internal computer systems takes days to transfer my minimal information? Also where in the terms and conditions does it tell you to wait before you submit for the rebate? My fix will be to port to another carrier on Friday, so if your listening T-Mobile your Bait and Switch offer is a sham!

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You have 14 days to cancel for any reason. Did you already wait the “3 days” and try to submit the form again?


Cali Cat

Thanks for your help, and I am currently 48 hours after the port completed and 5 days since I created the account and picked up the SIM cards. I have waited the length of time the first agent asked me to, I have waited the length of time the second agent asked me to,  and now I am waiting the three days the third agent asked me to. I do understand I can cancel within 14 days, and will exercise this option tomorrow, given the inconsistency in the terms and communications. This brings to mind, “ Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me the third time shame on us both”,shame on T-mobile for having no transparency, and for me for being so gullible!

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That’s a bummer. I came over to TMO from ATT about 10 yrs ago and I do remember a lot of calls and paperwork to get all the promotional credits processed. Back then when TMO knew how frustrating the first couple months of service had been, they would just credit you back your monthly service charges until the issues were resolved. Unfortunately with their rapid growth and Spring acquisition, they just don’t have the ability to hire and train support agents and supervisors to really look at each customers’ problems as it where their own. Add the other major change - closing most of TMO owned retail stores and transitioning those to independent authorized resellers, and you get worse support at your local store.

If you want to give feedback to corporate, hop on the Tmobile Twitter help channel and let them have it.

Same kind of situation here.   The store rep said we qualified for the first responder as dispatchers. (Lie). And I am supposed to qualify for the 800 for keep and switch since I kept my Verizon phone that still had pay off but get the exact same error saying not eligible.    

Rep yesterday said wait 4 days /ports completed Tuesday).   They already proved they would lie for a sale.  So my faith is very low right now.  
prob go back to Verizon this weekend if the games continue.   Very very angry with this.   Do not let the, drag you out over 15 days.   So far about the shadiest transaction I’ve done.  

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Frustrated, and about to roll back to AT&T and cut my losses. 


To begin with the process is passive, meaning there is no upfront dialog or commitment, as T-mobile is asking you to take a leap of faith, “go pay your phones off, and we will reimburse you with this offer, only they are not committed to approving or even let you submit to reimbursement. Plus their terms are finite, in that you have 30 days to submit.


the majority of carriers out there wont unlock their phones if there are still monies owed on it.. so if they wont unlock it attempting to bring it over here wont help any since the phone wont work on the TMO network..or any other network other than in this case ATT until its paid off and free of any contract/lease/whatnot


a lil snipit from the link im providing here.


To qualify for T-Mobile to reimburse your remaining device payment balance, up to $800, you must:

  • Have a device financing agreement on an eligible device with AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum, Boost, Claro, Liberty (Puerto Rico), Xfinity or UScellular and have had the agreement for at least 90 days on that network.
    • Boost requires devices to be active on the associated account for at least 12 months
  • Activate a new voice line on a qualified rate plan
    • Qualified rate plans include: Magenta, Magenta MAX, Magenta Plus, Magenta Military, Magenta MAX Military Magenta Plus Military, Magenta First Responders, Magenta MAX First Responders, Magenta Plus First Responders, Magenta Unlimited 55, Magenta MAX Unlimited 55Magenta Plus Unlimited 55, Essentials, Essentials Unlimited 55, and Business Unlimited.
  • Ensure your phone is unlocked and ready to go on our network. Check your phone's compatibility here.
    • For customers with phones locked to the carrier (AT&T, Boost, Claro, Liberty (Puerto Rico), Spectrum & Xfinity) this means you will have to pay off your phone, request unlock, and wait for your unlock request to be granted (typically takes 1-3 days) prior to bringing your number over.

i read what you said above but couldnt quite figure out of you paid the device off or not.


An update, I have completed all that as been asked of me:

Paid off the phones

Unlocked the phones

Obtained copy of final bill

Opened Magna Max TMobile account in a Tmobile store

Ported the numbers

Tried to submit the rebate

Complied with Support Rep 1 (wait 24 hours)

Complied with Support Rep 2 (wait 48 hours)

Complied with Support Rep 3 (wait 72 hours)

Still I am unable to submit the rebate online, as I get the error “Sorry, you're not eligible for T-Mobile Carrier Freedom”

I made contact via twitter @t-mobile help and chatted with a very capable Support Rep. She informed me that she would submit the form for me if I could send the final bills, I did and 45 minutes later she informed me that the form was submitted and gave me a link to check the status. I felt completed relieved, which was short lived as the link is the same busted link and I when I check the status it get the same “Sorry, you're not eligible for T-Mobile Carrier Freedom” error! I am at a loss for words, but at no loss of frustration, this is obviously a systemic issue within the rebate system at T-Mobile.

As I think about it, I believe because this is a passive offer, only submittable after the fact, and with no financial interest from t-mobile (credit), other than having to cover the rebate (debit), they have no interest in making this a delightful or even painless experience. T-Mobile tried so hard to get me hooked, then has done little to fulfill their side of the dealing fix the problem. Buyer Beware!

Not sure where to go from here, if I could only verify the rebate was in the system

Recently switched to T-mobile. 7 total lines. 3 Eligible for switch2 program. All denied. I have contacted an attorney, this looks like CLASS ACTION lawsuit. I’ve also submitted request for investigation to our state Congress. It’s been 2-3 months, hours wasted online and attempts to talk to someone.