Spam emails being sent to [Phone number], despite the feature being blocked in Message Blocking settings.

  • 19 February 2021
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It’s super annoying, I still have a spam from:
I hope it will end very soon.

I thought this was fixed a month ago now it’s starting again, 2 days in a row. CVS reward nonsense. 


Same here.  I have not received one since March 11 and then just received: yesterday, April 28th.  It too is CVS rewards.


Did you make any changes to your account?  I initiated an activation on one of my Sprint line through my Sprint online account prior to receiving the spam text message.

I’ve been battling this for months as well. Turning on the email->SMS blocking in my account did nothing (it’s been on forever, but I could still send myself test messages.) At one point last week I went to try toggling it one last time, and when I turned it off, the setting then disappeared completely.

A week and a trouble ticket later, the setting has been restored, and is now working.. at least I can’t send myself messages (tried from 3 different addresses.) However I still continue to receive spam texts that look like they came through an email gateway. I won’t know for sure if they are still showing as coming from 6245 on my bill until next month, but I assume they will.

I just sent myself a couple more test messages using the Sprint email gateway addresses; I haven’t received them (yet?) but they also haven’t bounced either like the ones do.

It’s absurd T-Mobile still has no idea how this is happening (or don’t really care enough to figure it out.)

No email spam SMS since 5/4 for me. Thankfully that is over with.

This crap is annoying i add a number to it in order to block it and they still send spam texts with email addresses. There's not even an option to block because it's not coming from a number. TMOBILE do something about this mess. It's 2021 and all you've done was ignore this issue, will push out updates but nothing for blocking. We also should be able to whitelist, i won't add ever number to my contacts but if they call i should be able to whitelist it. Annoying ash

 @Dimpelss  I enabled the block setting and days later I could still send myself texts via email. I eventually had to call in and talk to a 2nd level support engineer who knew how to fix it. Took several calls. Chat support was useless in this case. Hope this helps.


Thank you i logged into my acct and didn't see the tmo email option. Support told me to add as a contact with a number and block since there's no way to block it without one. I'll contact them again because they're just using different domains and short codes so it's still getting through. This is so frustrating, every since data breaches now even my email is full of spam one that i've had forever.

Thank you i logged into my acct and didn't see the tmo email option.

From the browser, log into your account dashboard, From there click My Account -> Profile → Block calls and messages -> Your phone line -> Block Messages -> Block email


Hi this is all i see when i click on both options, no option to block it nor type it in. 



I'll call tech support in a couple of days

This is what I see. Good luck with support.

I'm wondering if it's because i'm on a grandfathered plan is why i don't have the option. 🤔 i have a Note 20 ultra and it's updated to the latest so that can't be the issue. 



These are my only options as well. This is beyond annoying…


Tech support knows nothing "the only option is to report it right now". I asked was there anyone else eho knew and was told no. I then mentioned an engineer hmm so a ticket was made and it takes up to 7 days. I suggest everyone start calling about this issue and call and call. Apparently they know it's an issue but still refuses to do anything about it. You have engineers for fks sake it shouldn't be that hard to come up with something to block email texts. I went to the store before calling support and he was also clueless. I don't even have the option for contacts only. 😕 so damn annoying.

Starting a new thread, as many people are having this issue and posting to the following [Solved] thread without any help:


Recently, over the past few weeks, myself and many other T-Mobile users have been receiving spam SMS messages that have originated from EMAIL addresses.  They seem to have been sent to our [Phone number] addresses, yet many of us have disabled this feature on our accounts/lines with no effect (i.e. enable “Block email") at


Some of us have found after examining the text message logs on their account that the messages show as coming from the short code “6245” (spells “MAIL" on a number pad), yet blocking this short code also has no effect on the incoming spam emails. Posted yesterday from T-Mobile community customer “Franzy" in the original old thread:

“...I finally logged in to my account and thought to check my incoming text logs. It shows that these messages are coming from 6245 (spells out MAIL and it sounds like it's a generic code used by web-based programs for  IMing, Texts, etc)...Since these spam messages seem to be the only ones I can see coming from that number, I just blocked it...Ugh. I just got another one.  So apparently that didn't work.  I'll keep digging around for ideas.”


I just got off the phone with T-Mobile (1-800-937-8997), had the service rep escalate me to the tech support team, and the guy there was surprised that their Email to SMS service wasn't discontinued already.  I informed him that the option to “Block email" is available to customers, but enabling the option has no effect.  He was then able to confer with his supervisor and confirm that the block I turned on has been enabled since yesterday, but was surprised to learn that I still received another spam message today. I also explained that I can email my phone # at the address ( any time, at will, from my Gmail account and get the text message seconds later, despite the block being in place.  He will be digging into it and getting back to me...


It appears many other people are having the same issue. As you can see, I have tried to reject any emails being delivered to my texts. But it doesn’t stop email delivery. When is this going to be fixed? Yes I do not want any emails be delivered.


I called and spoke with a tech at tmo and she fixed mine. Idk how but i haven't received no spam texts.

From first hand experience:

The SWITCH for T-Mobile to Text Block is not there by default any more.

For now SPAM blocking of INDIVIDUAL incoming email to SMS text messages is not possible.  You can try to block them individually but that does not work.

I would suggest that you TURN OFF the email to SMS gateway by placing a call to T-Mobile support (611) and asking them to “block the SMS messaging gateway”.  A switch will appear in your T-Mobile app that turns off ALL incoming email to texts.  This will stop all emails, (including the bogus ones), sent to your SMS/text messaging app, from email, on your phone.  It’s great if you don’t need to use the “email to text message” feature.  NOTE: It DOES turn them ALL off, not just the bogus email to texts.


BTW,  Do not expect that if you turn off that feature from your app/phone/account that you will be able to turn it back on by yourself.  It will need to be turned back on by T-Mobile support.  I am not sure why the feature disappears when you switch it off. 


Just one of many I have reported to T-mobile:

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