Sprint Account, Tmobile sim card

  • 6 April 2021
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I had poor signal at my house with sprint, they gave me a magic box (booster) and still had issues so I allowed them to talk me into switching to Tmobile sim card. Tmobile tower is twice as far as the nearest Sprint tower. Terrible signal, jitter as high as 875 ms, signal is ~ -120 dBm. No one from Tmobile will talk to me, Sprint has limited access to Tmobile networks and systems and can’t help. I need a Tmobile booster, but because I still have a Sprint account I am stuck!! I don’t care if I switch accounts to Tmobile, but I’m not able to pay off the phone. I need to switch with everything the same or better and for them to give me a booster please!!!? With Sprint I had a booster, now I’m on a tower twice as far and it’s terrible signal at my house. Sprint customer care is unable to do anything but write tickets that go off and get closed out or no follow thru. Also, my text to emails are now all messed up and again, Tmobile refuses to talk to me and Sprint unable to help. Literally in last month, over 40 hrs on phone and chatting. Been a nightmare. 

If you still have Sprint Sim Card, I would wait as long as possible to switch over. 

5 replies


Does anyone from tmobile answer these? Just spent 1.5 hrs on phone with sprint....they literally said "well maybe some day it will get better"!!!!  I have 2 months left on lease then I am out of here. I will be getting credit on my bill for next 2 months and then I am out of here. Pathetic. 

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im going to say no to the holding onto the Sprint sim card thing you mentioned..the Sprint side once that TMO sim card is added on will allow it to use BOTH TMO and Sprints towers...not just TMOs...Sprint sim card=only Sprint TMO SIM=both TMO and Sprint towers are at  your disposal..which in your case sucks either way since both are decently far away from you.


and no..the site here is peer to peer with a few adminds/mods to keep order..they do not have access to accounts.


T-Mobile sent me in the mail a "sim kit" that included a new T-Mobile sim card and sim tool to convert to my Sprint phone to T-Mobile.  As far I can tell It should be as easy as removing the Sprint sim and replacing it with the new T-Mobile sim.  But when I do that my phone is showing the T-Mobile sim to be an "Invalid Sim Card".  Am I missing a step here?  Is this a T-Mobile issue or a Sprint issue?  or is it my phone (Samsung A50)?




In regards to my recent post with the sim card problem, I am a total idiot, I should have caught this.  The new T-Mobile sim cards are for 5g phones only, and will not work in non 5g phones like my lowly Samsung A50.  

Sprint knows what model phone I have, so why would they mail out incompatible sim cards to, I would assume, a large number of customers?

Also it would have nice if one of the several resources i solicited for help would have not just answered with "Invalid sim", "phone sim ineligible, call tech support", "sim card error", etc., etc., and have elaborated more with "phone is not 5g" or "sim card compatible with 5g phones only, incompatible with others".

My phone is dropping calls.  Went to T-Mobile store, and received no help.  Told me I had to call Sprint customer service to get a new sim card.