Sprint: Horrible customer service

  • 14 January 2022
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I’ve had T-mobile service for a number of years and every time I called I got great service. Sprint is the exact opposite. 


Last year I bought a Samsung Galaxy A50. I wanted to use it with my T-Mobile service and found out that it is locked to Sprint. No problem, they are the same company, right? Wrong!

Last week I called 611 and the T-mobile agent passed me on to Sprint (she stayed on the line in case she could help with anything).

The Sprint person told me that I would have to give my phone to someone that has Sprint service and after they use it for awhile then they can unlock it. I told him that that is not an option since I don’t know anyone with Sprint service. 

He went to talk to a supervisor and then he told me that the only other way is if I sign up for Sprint service for seven days then they will unlock it. At this point he passed me on to a sales guy.

I told the person I want the cheapest option since I am only signing up to have the phone unlocked. I asked him if I would have to pay for the full month and his reply was “No, you only pay for the days you use it”. So I told him to go ahead and sign me up.

Seven days later I called to have the phone unlocked. This time I was told that they can only unlock it after 40 days. It doesn’t matter was I was told, I have to wait the 40 days. I asked her to cancel my service and she said that since I have not used my phone it’s “inactive” so there’s no need to cancel. She also said that I would have to pay for a full month. After a lot of protests she gave me a $25 credit and canceled my account.


Lie #1: We will unlock the phone after 7 days

Lie #2: You only pay for the days you use

Lie #3: You do not have to cancel your service, it’s already inactive


and I have one credit check on my credit report and have to pay $25.53 for nothing 


If these people are allowed to infect T-Mobile with their idea of customer service it will be the end of T-Mobile as far as I am concerned.


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