Sprint still sending bill emails

  • 28 December 2021
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I paid my last Sprint bill on 12/8/21 (autopay). I have ported over to TMoblie as of 11/24/21. I communicated with a Sprint rep via text who assured me that my bill balance is $0, and when I log into my Sprint online, it says balance $0. I still got an email today reminding me that my bill is due Jan 8, 2022. I removed all bank info from my wallet on that site earlier, yet it was still there today. I removed it again, and it had better not be there. I took screen shots of everything  - they had better not try to bill me again Anyone else having this issue?

6 replies

I have just gotten hit with a double billing as well.  We migrated on 12/15, and sprint still billed me.  the online rep said it was for the billing period that ended 12/12, and that i can expect another bill that will have a prorated credit for the last 3 days but that will be the ‘final bill’…  i guess we’ll see how that goes.  One of the t-mobile reps said they should have zeroed out the account when we migrated, i guess that didn’t happen, or if they did, it was ignored.

THey are double billing me!   Moved to T-moble and sprint wont stop billing me and saying I owe money! Its horrible and now i’m in collections after I fought with sprint they said I was correct,  still sent me to collections and sent a 2 page letter showing I dont owe it and they declined and are still pushing it through collections!   

I’m having the same problem.  This sound like a class action law suit.

I'm also receiving Emails indicating my monthly Sprint bills are due. We made the switch to T-Mobile at the beginning of December 2021.  When I tried to follow up by logging into Sprint. I cannot login because it indicates that I'm not a part of their system. 

And I can't seem to talk with anybody directly with Sprint. Seems that T-Mobile needs to help out by checking in to this situation.  Was sent an email indicating if I did not pay they would send me to collection. Also when we made the switch we indicated we were keeping our current phones while upgrading to get new phones.  I have lots of questions.  But doesn't seem like anyone is able to help


I migrated over to T-Mobile Nov. 2021 after being with Sprint since 2012; when I migrated I was told they’d buy out the lease of my equipment or get me and my 2nd line the new iPhone at the Northgate T-Mobile store in Seattle, WA. We elected to keep our devices, as they were like-new.

I’m being billed and harassed by a collector stating I now owe over $1k due to double-billing for Sprint service and a complete lease buy out of two devices? Why isn’t the promo being honored? 

Terrible experience.


I am getting the same correspondence. I can no longer sign into SPRINT. I’m also getting billing with the wrong name. I am the PAH.