Stand Alone Apple watch

  • 3 May 2022
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I purchased an Iwatch SE (with Cellular service capability) for my son. I also setup a phone line for a STAND ALONE number for the Iwatch itself. 


I do not have any active line Iphones in my account. I do have a test Iphone 7 plus (not an active line)

I know you need to go through the initial setup (and install apps) from an Iphone. I am also hearing that the iphone needs to be an active line. (Confirming is true)


My goal is to use my dummy iphone (which does not have a active line with tmobile) to setup the iwatch and then once it is done, I am able to call my son from his Iwatch phone number and also track him on wheres my apple device app?

Is there any possibility to have this “Stand Alone” Iwatch (which has its own number) but NOT have an active Iphone (with a phone number)? I Am trying to avoid to pay for another line just get my son’s iwatch to work as a phone. 


What I am hearing is it needs to have an active Iphone line just to get the iwatch to work with service ? (I am hoping this is not the case)


My son has his own Apple ID so I am happy to use the dummy phone to setup his iwatch.


Let me know if there is anyway I can get around this WITHOUT me purchasing another service line from Tmobile. 


Thank you

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IIRC you still need some type of celluar service for the watch to work as a stand alone unit.