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  • 21 September 2021
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Just switched over from Verizon to Tmobile today, spent 4 hours at the shop in Wethersfield, CT waiting for the service to be switched over.  Customer reps had problems with their ipads and figuring out the pin transfer process, what a complete nightmare.  Now Im having text problems and so is my wife, just a horrible start for a new customer.

1 reply

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Wow, that’s no good but we wanna get you set up right. 

We’ll need to make sure your number is set up and moved over properly first. That switch normally doesn’t take long, but in some cases other carriers may take a while releasing the number. I’d try using the calling service first to make sure that works. We do have some helpful steps on our Messaging and Email troubleshooting page.  Our Tech Care folks can send up a Trouble Ticket to our engineering team if needed and that’ll help get it resolved on the back end.