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  • 6 July 2019
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Im with T-Mobile. I got my phone stolen. I heard that if you add a line, then block the old number, then you get a upgrade free and you pay $30 a month. Is that true?


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6 replies

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The only way might be if you had insurance and Jump.

Or you can finance a phone, depending on your plan and credit rating, through EIP with Tmobile and make monthly payments.

Also if you're talking about the add a line promo , you would be required to have two lines and the credits would stop if one of the lines is cancelled

and then you would be required to pay off the rest of the phone.

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Make sure you give Customer Care a call and report the phone as stolen.  As mentioned, adding a line for another device will leave you paying for both lines and devices.  Just because a device is stolen, does not mean you aren't responsible for the remaining balance of that device, if purchased on an EIP through T-Mobile.  Swappa is a great site to purchase devices in case you want to consider buying something outright until your EIP for your line is paid off.

Yes sadly I do understand I will still have to pay for my stolen phone and the new one. Thanks for the information I will check the sites out.

Ok thanks. My family already has 4 lines with T-mobile.

Also for the add a line promo, Is there a fee you have to pay to use the plan or you just pay the $30 a month.

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You mentioned your plan already has 4 lines so I'm assuming you're on a family plan. If that's the case, $30 likely includes calls, data, and text.