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  • 24 June 2021
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Thank God I’m not yet 14 days into this nightmare. First, signed up for new service and phones in Nacogdoches Texas, was both my  wife and I worked with a Astrid, she’s the worst pathalogocal liar we’ve ever met.  She lied about everything, and actually told us, “don;t worry about that amount, it’s only showing you what you would of paid withuot this promotion”.  Then the rest of the GHOUL story begins, there is ZERO customer service with T-Mobile. They’re a foreign owned company that farms out their customer care from India to the Philippines, and don’t even try with the so called chat line. Nobody uses their names, and when you finally get one of them to do so, and explain your problem, they promise they;ll get back with you, but they never do, no customer care member takess notes, they have no idea what a case file is, and even if you do find someone to talk with, they’ll say things like, “you can trust me”i, “you have my guarantee” “I will get back with you, you have my word” etc. etc. etc.   My question is, I’m going to terminate this joke of a company and go back with Verizon. I traded in my old phones, so I want to just pay off the other phones on the “hidden 24 month payment” that our little liar “Astrid” hid.  or I’ll just cash it out.  Has anyone gone through something similar.  It’s unbelievable that T-Mobile’s reputation is still not 100% know, but I plan on changing that

2 replies

Thank you for sharing this article it was helpful. i like that thank you.

Thank you for sharing this article it was helpful. i like that thank you.

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