Support says Sprint Pixel 3a cannot migrate over to T-mobile

  • 18 October 2021
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My Sprint Pixel 3a has an esim card. It appears that T-mobile has supported this phone model since its introduction. Attempting to migrate this phone from Sprint over to T-mobile. The expert on the “chat” wrote “device is not eligible”  for both T-Mobile physical or eSIM card. Calling, chatting, going to a “retail store" and a “store” all yield different answers for this. Bottom line is that the chat experts get an error at a certain point while they are helping me to switch this phone over. I am not confident I have encountered anyone with expertise to do this task, nor explain why they cannot do it. Any similar stories and what did you do to get your phone over to T-mobile? thanks!

2 replies

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My Sprint LG G8 can’t migrate over to a Tmobile MNVO that used to be a Sprint MNVO so I had to get a new phone. Luckily I still had my LG V30 to use till I upgrade my Tmobile phone.



On the T-mobile site to check if an unlocked phone is compatible on the network, I type in the IMEI for my Sprint Pixel 3a, and it says “This device is fully compatible with T-Mobile’s network technology. This device is not blocked from use on our network.”

Yet, when trying to swap the SIM from Sprint to T-Mobile, that website says “SIM swap is not allowed.”

Why would it be supported, but not supported?