• 26 September 2021
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I recently called the expert support (September 25) and at the end of the call, I was informed that i will get a survey to rate the service. The service was excellent, however, the survey message was sent to an another phone under my account (I personally do not have access to it). Is it possible to receive it again?

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12 replies

It is very frustrating to feel like you have been tricked into signing up with a company. That is exactly how my husband and I feel. Unfortunately after last night dealing with this situation for almost a week now we were unable to come to a resolution. I will absolutely not be recommending T-Mobile to friends family or any random person who asks. Unfortunately because Sprint has closed down we are stuck with you guys.

HORRIBLE customer service. I’ve been told for 1-2 months that I would be able to the new iPhone pro max  13 for the 800$ off but it never happened. I even had a company manager call me told me to go ahead and order it (didn’t even give me the option to do the 800$ off online) and she would call me back if it only took the 400$ off instead off 800$ and she would fix it. She NEVER called back and im glad I didn’t order it then because she never called back to check. Then im told to go to the store and they will

give me the promo there but at the store they told me I had to

wait til my magenta goes in effect . I specifically asked muliple employees INCLUDING the manager if they will honor it and multiple employees told me yes. About a week ago or two I called to order it because our military magenta plan went in effect but NOW I was told they wouldn’t honor because the promotion expired even though I was told to wait til February 10th and they PROMISED they would honor but now I’m told they will not. We’ve been customers for 10 years in June and we’re being treated like we’re some scammers or something. I have all of this in writings and recorded calls too 

Hello, I don’t know where the survey area was but I received excellent service from Jhim. They were helpful with my questions and provided excellent service on March 10th at 10:05 am 

I haveee never had soooo many people lieeee to me honestly. T mobile is sooo misleading. They tell you one thing and they fail to tell you that there are requirements for the promotion. I went to them 6 months ago and got both iPhone 11. With the promotion buy one get the free. They failed to tell me the promotion did not qualify the plan I’m in. It’s soooo ridiculous why lie???? Same thing happened to me again in December I got the iPhone 13 pro max with the promotion you get the iPhone and you get the AirPods free. Welll now they’re telling the same, I do not qualify because of the plan I’m in. Then why lie?????? Never in my life Am I ever gonna get t mobile ever again

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Absolutely terrible customer service all they do is lie to you 

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They make unauthorized payments. They don’t help whatsoever . Worst phone company I’ve ever dealt with.

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Lie and lie after lie. I’m canceling my service ahahah F YOU T-MOBILE 

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Ahahhahaha none of these are positive. Y’all SUCK DO BETTER 

worst company ever !!

Use this plan for a while and has always worked fine for me it has been the best service and provider I’ve used.

Most terrible phone company I have ever dealt with. Terrible customer service. Their “promotions” are scams. Can’t wait to cancel my plan and switch to Verizon. Moving to T-Mobile was such a mistake. 

This is horrible service! they double charged my card for payment and refuses to refund me my money. i was told multiple times that i was able to get my refund and they kept telling me to give it 24 hours for it to process on their end to issue the refund. I called to confirm that the refund was issued and they tell me that they cant refund me my money because they aren't allowed to do so. i was told by supervisors that i can get the refund and when I'm sent to another I'm being told no. this is the worst service ive ever had they stole $388.28 out of my bank acct from a mistake that one of their reps made and refuses to give me my money back. shitty service and shitty people!! i will no longer be using this service because this is not the first time something like this has happened to me. the previous times they issued my refund now their telling me they cant. Will never recommend this service to anyone. will be cancelling my services and have my friends and family cancel theirs as well.