Swapping Phones on same plan

  • 17 April 2021
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I would like to swap phones with my daughter and we are both on a T-Mobile One plan.  My phone is a newer iPhone 11 and she has an older iPhone XR.  After we make the switch I would like to sell her iPhone xr (it is paid off and unlocked by T-Mobile) and use an unlocked Pixel as my phone.  So my question is, how do I go about doing that?  If I swap the sim cards in the two iPhones now will that swap the phone numbers?  Keep in mind my current iPhone 11 which will be my daughters is not unlocked but we are on the same T-Mobile One account.  Then when I get my new Pixel can I just insert the sim into the pixel (this would be the original sim from my daughters iPhone XR)?  Hope that makes sense, thanks for the help! 

3 replies

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The sim card is your account so all you have to do is swap them. Make sure you get the phone unlocked before you sell it.


Ok cool.  My daughters phone is unlocked so I should be good to go. Thanks!


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Swapping the SIMs moves the account and those phone numbers which might be stored on the SIM. Numbers stored in the phone’s address book, texts, photos, etc will need to be moved from one phone to the other. I know that Androids and iPhones have apps for moving stuff from like-to-like but I don’t know about between different ecosystems. Keep in mind that some apps that are available in one ecosystem simply don’t exist for the other.

Since you are going to sell the XR, I would suggest setting up the Pixel first, then reset the 11 and set it up as a new phone using the XR as the old phone. When you are done, be sure to do a factory reset on the XR before you sell it.