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  • 17 November 2017
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Hello everyone,

I switched from another carrier to tmobile in january 2017 and paid the remaining device payment plan to the old carrier and sent my iphone to t-mobile for the promotional rebate. I have submitted the last bill as t-mobile requested promptly and again in oct 2017. However, I have not received my rebate, as of november 2017. I have called every one I was told, have chatted with at least 10+ t-mobile customer support reps. After countless hours, I have a feeling the promotion zips people and there is a complain/customer service blackhole ahead of you which does not lead to anywhere. Please help, if you are/were in the same boat and how you came out of it as t-mobile sure does does not want me out of it.

19 replies

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T-Mobile Carrier Freedom

You only have 30 days from the time you switch to submit information. If you switched in January and sent in the information last month then you are well past the eligibility time period.

As I said, the information was submitted promptly but have been following in up constantly with t-mobile and finally in october I was asked to send the information again to the agent. Basically, you have taken my phone but have not paid for it. Here is what the customer service rep wrote and I switched on Jan28th:" Good point. I see that we originally received the submission on 2/7/17."

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Sorry to hear this has been giving you so much grief. We wanna make sure everything's been done to get to the promo. You mentioned that the rep saw your submission. Did they give you any other info about this getting resolved? Have you received any emails about your submission being complete? We may need to have this looked into again to see what happened exactly. Have you reached out to our T-Force team through the social links on our Community-2153  page to see if they can help further?

I am having the same problem. Everything was done in the store - Turned in two phones an a tablet. I have called several times gone online and still nothing.

Maybe we should consider filing a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile for fraudulently drawing in customers and taking there phones.

This has gotten to the point of being ridicules. I am personally fed up. Linda Richmond

I would be happy to participate in the suit. There has been so much pain and agony that it has been beyond belief. I have all the conversations documented on t-mobile chats. Every representative you speak with has a different answer and a different phone number to connect to (which always start with an hour long wait). I must have spent 20+ hours on chats and waiting on phone. In the end they asked me to email the last bill to a weird email address but it has again gone into a blackhole.

The original rep just asked me to wait for sometime for it to go through. Few months later, upon follow up another rep asked me to call a number which resulted into hours of wait everytime I called. One a rep even called on my behalf to the same number but only to wait on the phone for hours. Another rep told me that the bill did not have the amount on it that I paid to ATT (which is there on page 2 of the bill). ANother rep told me they did not receive the last bill and I needed to email to a weird email address, which I did but it has been weeks again and nothing happened. I have spent 20+ hours in pain and agony and am still waiting. May be if there are enough people on this group, we will consider a class action.

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No such thing as a class action lawsuit. Read the TOS.

so they can take your phone and not pay for it and waster 20+ hours of time with no consequences.

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Sorry you've spent so much time on this. I understand you've called quite a bit, but have you tried reach out to our social support team? We want to make sure we exhaust all resources to try to help and they're a really great group of folks that can take another look into this for you.

Is it the same group of people who chat with you. If yes, I have done it

numerous times. I believe you are referring me to yet another new set of

people who will look into it at the expense of more time from me.

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This team is our T-Force team. You'd reach out to them through the Facebook or Twitter links on our Community-2153​ page. Is that where you went?

I chatted with several reps on 'message us' link. How will it be any


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Ah I see. That's a different care team is a little different. Our T-Force team has the ability look at your account and has the tools to escalate this further if needed. I'm just trying to suggest all possible options to get you help. If there's a chance we can still get you the promo, I think it's worth looking into.

On your recommendation, I contacted the T-force team on Twitter and guess

what, their recommendation is to contact a specialty team at 1-888-390-6867

where I have already wasted several hours to reach a dead end. I guess I

can spend unlimited number of hours in this circle, but nobody seems to

know how to solve this issue and they keep deferring it to others. I just

want my phone back as you won't pay for it.

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Hmm, I'm sorry to hear you're still having trouble with this. I know it's been a while since you submitted but did you get any error messages after the first submission? I'm wondering if it didn't go through? Do you have any email confirmation from the February? It seems a bit odd that a rep told you that they saw the submission but you haven't received the rebate.

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@magenta94002 , I'm truly sorry this is taking so long. I can understand why you'd just want to be done with all of this. From reading this entire thread, it sounds like you've only spent hours upon hours on hold with our Rebate Care team (the phone number you were previously provided). Did you ever get through with them? Or has it only been on hold? If you spoke with them, can you share the outcome with us? I honestly have no idea how we can't get to the bottom of this.

I got through once only to get a weird email address where I emailed the

last bill and never heard back. Anyway, social link based T-Force team

heard my outcry and apparently the rebate has been mailed, I will post

again once I receive it. Still a waste of 20 hours...to get when was mine

to begin with.

As I said, after spending hours on hold you get some one on line, it was a

circular conversation to do what I had already done or send previously sent

documents again to a strange email address, which went no where.

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I'm SO happy to hear that your rebate has been mailed, @magenta94002! I 110% agree with you -- it shouldn't have taken this long nor should you have had to put that much time into it. Thank you for the update.