T-mobile block the all of ways making payment then suspended account..


I set up an account with 

  • paper billing 
  • my habit is to making payment thru check when I received statement
  • but some how, i did not receive statement since couple of month 
  • i got some notice of unpaid amount
  • logged in many time since I got that message but I cannot even find my statement 
  • trying to making payment with credit card but always system error
  • So I just sent some amount of check last week. 
  • but today I got my account suspended
  • still their website are not working of payment
  • 5 lines under my account
  • what do I do?  

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You can use guest pay to get account but you probably need to use a credit card.

Guest Pay

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worst case you can also make payments via your phone..i think you hit #3 to make a payment over the phone.



side question the Primary Account Holder (PAH) you dont receive text notifications that your bill is coming up due to soon to be due?