T-Mobile BOGO promotion - signed up to Jump program instead?

  • 13 March 2018
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I saw the BOGO (Buy One Get One Free promotion) back in early November.  I was prepared to pay for the iPhone 8 Plus at $800, and I would get the other $800 for free.

I was told when I upgraded to an iPhone 8 Plus that I should go for the monthly payments instead of outright purchasing the device.  I was confused but basically the sales person talked me into making payments, which totaled (he said) the same as I would pay for instantly purchasing the device.  So I agreed.  I was under the impression that I would be getting my $750 credit card in 6-8 weeks.  It never came.

So I called the promotions department thinking there was a delay or a simple mistake. WRONG! I found out because I was on the Jump program that THEY put me on therefore I didn't qualify for the BOGO promotion.  I told them that word "JUMP" program or "Lease" was never used in my conversation when I signed up back in November.  I didn't realize that I was signing up for a LEASE!!!!!  This was never explained to me, and I would have NEVER agreed to this to leasing a phone I wouldn't own at the end!  Why would I agree to a Jump program that would mean I would pay $1600 after everything is said and done to lease and own the phone in 18 months?

I wanted to Buy One and Get One Free.  How hard of a concept is this?!?!?!?!

I looked at my lease and here's the math.  Total Lease amount is $594 * 2 phones.  I pay $66 a month for 18 months which equals $1188.  BUT I have to pay additional $206 per phone ($412 for both phones) to OWN the phones which comes out to $1600, they offered to give me $400 credit. which means, I'm STILL SHORT of $400.

I demanded they give me what I would have been promised for BOGO which is I pay $800 for the phone for the promise of getting a free phone that's worth the same price... no luck!  Anything short of that promise is simply fraud to consumers.  I'm still $400 short and I'm about to write the CEO of the company if this doesn't get resolved.

Anyone else has a similar experience?


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Hey there!

Thanks so much for reaching out and sorry for any confusion! Where did you initially sign up through? Were you provided any paperwork for the promotions? Do you know if your account was put on JUMP or JUMP on Demand?

Sorry for any confusion and we'll see where to go moving forward!


Well, we didn't have quite the same issue but we put 2 of our 4 lines on the JUMP program.  It was explained to me in the store that this would allow those lines to upgrade their phones more than twice a year.  My son is on one of the JUMP programs that WE PAY FOR EVERY MONTH and when he went into the store to upgrade his phone they told him, "Sorry.  Not eligible".  WHAT???  So what the heck are we paying for?  We lost our entire rebate to the tune of nearly $1200 that T-Mobile didn't make good on, we paid for JUMP plans that were never honored and don't even get me started on the insurance SCAM we were sold when we put coverage on our kid's lines.

I'm done with T-Mobile.  Our contract is up in less than 30 days and we still can't get phone upgrades.  3 of our 4 lines are iPhones and currently T-Mobile has no deals or upgrade incentives on them.  Everyone's pushing the new Galaxy 9.  So I'm washing my hands in this experience and moving on.  I've never felt so cheated in all my life then when I signed up with T-Mobile.  I've turned many friends away from them and will continue to do so.

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Wow, this is upsetting and I'd like to see if we can sort this out for you so you'll stay with us. Which jump feature do you have exactly? Did we give you an explanation as to why you weren't eligible?

I am looking at my account and I was signed up for the JUMP! On Demand without my consent.

Again, it was never explained to me that it was a lease contract and it was never explained to me that I would be disqualify the BOGO promotion.

I believe I got the BOGO promotion off of the T-Mobile website and I was talking to a T-Mobile rep.  I was very clear that I wanted to BUY ONE and GET ONE FREE promotion.  I was then mailed the contract which I thought was a monthly payment to pay off the phone instead of paying upfront.  I never got my credit card with the reimbursements 6-8 weeks later which the rep said would come after putting me on the Jump on Demand.  When I didn't get my credit card, I called to ask about it.  That's when I found out that I didn't qualify because I was on the wrong plan. 

Why would I sign up for the Jump plan if I was very clear with the rep of the BOGO promotion.  I didn't even know about this Jump on Demand plan until someone from support explained it to me after the fact.

Again, I want what was promised in the promotion which is a free phone after I buy one.

Total Lease amount is $594 * 2 phones.  I pay $66 a month for 18 months which equals $1188.  BUT I have to pay additional $206 per phone ($412 for both phones) to OWN the phones which comes out to $1600, they offered to give me $400 credit. which means, I'm STILL SHORT of $350-400.

I want another credit for $350 to consider this at par with what I was suppose to be promised with BOGO.  It needs to total at least $750 (credit card I should have received). I only got $400 so far in credit.


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Unfortunately I am not able to review the account from here to confirm what may be going on. 😥 My suggestion would be to reach out to T-Force, they can be reached through FB and Twitter and everything will be left in writing for the review.

Because we can't review from here, I am limited as to what we can view and offer. 😥


No.  No explanations.

Not just for JUMP but for everything we were promised but never received.  In fact, when we first signed up and turned over our previous phones we were told we had a small store credit if we wanted some accessories.  I chose an iPhone case and my son got one for his Samsung.  Imagine my surprise when I got the first bill and found that I was actually having to finance the cases over the 24 month period.  Really?  That's not store credit.  In fact, it's not credit at all.

While all the T-mobile employees I've spoken with have been extremely polite, it would take a miracle to keep me as a customer.  Not one deal, offer, credit or promise was ever made good on from day one.  Even if I was offered an iPhone X totally free and clear at full price it wouldn't come close to the total cost we've incurred for 2 years.

Did you ever write to the CEO?