T-Mobile Corporate Robbery

  • 5 January 2023
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I was charged over $300 by sprint for an international call using WhatsApp about 7 months ago. I had called Sprint and complained about it and they said they would credit me back but it would take several months. I called numerous times since then and now T-Mobile (new owner of Sprint) is saying that it’s a legitimate charge and will not credit me. This is the first time it’s ever happened to us and if we knew we were being charged international rates we wouldn’t have made the call. There should be a warning by the cellular provider that this is happening and do you accept the charges. It’s actually a form of corporate crime that needs to be fixed. I might just contact one of the news people to see if they can shed light on this and help me out. As I prefer not to have to go to small claims court to sue them for this small amount.

1 reply

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From what I've read is that if the call starts on data there's no charge but if the data part drops it will switch to cellular which incurs the international charges.

If you look through the forum there's many post about it.