T-Mobile Cuts Corporate Discounts

  • 2 February 2018
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I've had a discount on my t-mobile plan for awhile and now t-mobile has changed the promotion to a $24 gift card for new lines and upgrades plus a ton of red tape and hoops to jump to get the $25. They claim they're the carrier of simplicity... not anymore. Verizon will not only give me a corporate discount but military veteran as well.


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This was long ago... also Verizon is more expensive and also they don't stack discounts. I am a vet and we have corporate discount through out company. I had to choose one over the other. All the discount covered was the taxes and fees.

I still have my % discount with T-Mobile but it only applies to accounts that are not promotional that heavily discounts the original plan. For example I switched to the 55+ and my discount doesn' show up but as soon as I switch away from the 55+ it'l show up.

Word of advice pick what gives you the best coverage then look at costs. I'd rather spend $50 more and get 95%+ coverage where I travel than save $50 and get 70% of coverage. T-Mobile works well here so I can't complain while saving huge.

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Hey there!

Were you going through the steps on our T-Mobile Advantage Program  page to get the discount? If so, I'm curious where you're getting stuck. Nobody likes red tape so I wanna make sure we've done all we can to get you taken care of. Please let us know. Thanks!

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I'm a Vet, and a current Govt employee, since I'm on the SC plan we still get $$$ discount. As tidbit stated Verizon is much more expensive and that alone would negate any cost savings unless they are offering huge discounts, which I know they are not.    

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The corporate discount game reminds me of a T-Shirt I saw from some bar in Alaska. The bar's motto was, "We cheat the other guy and pass the savings to you."  😉 This is what the carriers did for a long time. They'd jack up prices and the make customers feel special by giving them discounts. Veterans, union members, employees, AAA & AARP members: They're all special and all get a discount.  T-Mobile pretty much decided to stop playing the "you're special" game. Or rather, they wanted to just go ahead and treat all their customers as special. While they still have some "special" discounts, for the most part they are in name only.

You just have to do the math and come up with what provides you with the best value. If that's discounted Verizon or undiscounted T-Mobile, let the chips fall where they may.