T-mobile employee illegally e-signed my signature on contract


I recently activated a new account and discovered that the T-mobile store employee who assisted me illegally esigned my name on the consent/contract and added a service that I didn’t request. I’ve called customer service to delete the add-on service but I’ll still have to pay the extra 15.00 on my bill. Is there anything that can be done about this or is it worth pursuing concerning my esignature being forged? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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You may get more attention by asking on reddit or somewhere similar and including a link to this post.


Also it would be great if you made an update to this whether they are willing to resolve it or not, to help other people in similar situations

This just happenned to me exactly as you explained it, I have a forged document for a car device I was looking at while activating new service. The sales manager was really pushy and ask about me getting it several times while I was busy porting lines. When I was really focused on getting password info for my 3 lines, he asks me to give him my home address so he can mail the device to me. So I remind him again that I don’t want it. Come to find out 30 minutes after leaving the store as I’m checking my account at home, he has charged me for this line, the device, overcharged me activation, documented that activation was free, and upgraded my plan from magenta to magenta max without my consent I was quoted $110 A month for a simple service provider change Over the phone and several times in the hour and a half I spent in their store. Somehow they were able to get my bill up to $160 a month, T-Mobile customer service fixed the situation And I think it is the soul doing of the private franchise and/or employees. I think I will be reaching out to the local authorities because I do not believe there’s a good explanation ever for forged documents especially When customer service and corporate T-Mobile were consistently apologizing.It makes me wonder if the sales of additional lines give some type of promotion or Bonus. The customer service representative and I both noticed that it was started and then suspended as a vacation hold so unless you’re digging for it you’d never know it was there and then it is easily removed within a few days. So you never know but that’s the only reasoning I could think of, just a dirty way to make it look like you made more sales. Judging by the deadness of the shop I was in it makes sense…think I will be reaching out to the local authorities because I do not believe there’s a good explanation ever for forged document.


Did you ever get any additional information on your situation? 


This just happened to me today! I signed a form for immediate charges related to a phone upgrade, returned home, checked my account, and found two docu-signed documents that had never been shown to me, including a rate change document for switching from Sprint to T-mobile. I remember asking the sales rep whether my rate was changing and he said no, then apparently forged my signature to switch me over to the most expensive monthly plan available. I have to go back in tomorrow to figure out what my options are. 


This just happened to me. I placed an order, but my bank put a hold on it for fraud. So I called my bank to have the transaction completed. When I called tmobile to tell them to go ahead with the order that was in process, I told the rep specifically do not make a new order, DO NOT take another 600$ out of my account. He did anyway, and now I have 3 order numbers and they took an extra 600$ out of my account. My very last 600$. When I call they say " not to worry, only one transaction is being processed, you have not been charged twice." I'm like.. not to worry... you took my last 600$, my rent money. I have no money while they figure it out. Pending or not, processing or not. They took an EXTRA 600$ out of my account. It is criminal.