T-Mobile employee refused to give me my replacemnet device

  • 24 September 2020
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I went into the store last week because my fathers iPhone was not getting any cellular signal (no calls, no internet connection). I went into the store and they replaced the SIM card and they said that in 24hrs he should get signal again, that signal never came. We tried to file a claim through Assurant online but it kept giving us an error sowe went into the store again on the weekend to file a claim through Assurant, since we pay for it every month.

We talked to one of the employees and told him that the phone still did not work and that we wanted to file a claim, we told him the same thing about 4 times and every time he just kept wanting us to sell us another phone (which I understand, it’s their job). At one point we were fed up and just told him to file the claim and he said that he wasn’t able to do so. Finally a young lady understood what we were trying to do and helped us file the claim.

A couple of days later, we received an email saying that our replacement phone had arrived at the store and that we could go pick it up. When we went to pick it up, the same guy from the other day was helping us. He brought the phone out and showed it to us then told us he couldn’t give it to us, that he would get in trouble if we did. That was a shock! Why would he get I trouble for us picking up a replacement device for which we filed a claim. After some back and forth, he refused to give us the phone and we walked out. Then shortly after we received an email stating that we had cancelled the order, which we never did. 

Has anyone else experienced that before? Is there something we can go to get our replacement device? Can an employees deny giving us a device that was sent to us by Assurant? 

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