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  • 29 December 2020
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I’ve so many security issues since in recent months due to a hacking issue. I’m constantly booted out of the app, often my password doesn’t work so I have to reset it, my device blocker is consistently activated on both lines without T-mobile’s nor my knowledge, so I’m constantly having to check my account to disable the device blocker and the multiple device feature. I’ve spent countless 1hr+ customer support calls + in-store visits over the past few months, to be informed in just the past week, that I, the account owner, was NOT the administrator and never was! So someone else has access to my account! Adjustments were made to change myself as the administrator but still no results. I’ve been miss informed about about adding a line pricing, and don’t even get me started with T-mobile digits. The list goes on. No progress to a solution or even a accommodation to compensate for the HUGE inconvenience, loss of personal and work time and with all honesty, mental anguish, has been offered even upon request. There has been no attempt by team manager or even a senior advisor to reach out regarding this matter! No one, especially an account holder, should experience this much lack of effort. Something HAS to be done.

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