T-Mobile has screwed up TWO-STEP VERIFICATION 2-factor security authentication

  • 30 December 2020
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T-Mobile gives us the ability to add Google Authenticator as a verification method.

HOWEVER, whenever we try to login to our account online, T-Mobile still gives us the option to receive a text message verification code!

This completely defeats the purpose of having Google Authenticator as a verification method, because the reason that we use Google Authenticator is so that we DON’T receive text messages for security verification.

Receiving a text message verification code is the most insecure way on the planet to have any sort of a verification, because SIM cards are easily & quickly hacked in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, when you call in for customer service from T-Mobile, they don’t even ask for the Google Authenticator code anyways.

So essentially, T-Mobile has very little security and doesn’t seem to understand security very well.