T-Mobile Home Internet pilot test begins, no data caps and $50 per month

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Exited about this pilot program, does anybody know what zip codes are rolling this out ??


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Great question. We have a news article below that talks about it but, from what I'm seeing it's by invitation only. So folks that'll be able to take advantage of this offer will know about it.

T-Mobile Begins Limited Home Internet Pilot, Laying a Foundation for Home Broadband Disruption in Advance of Merger with…

I wish I could get this besides using my phone only thing we get is windstream and it's at like kbs not worth the money at all

Would love to get invite. Run off of 3 mobile hotspots with T-Mobile service now as we have no access to any kind of high speed internet at our house.

I would also like to know what zip codes will be

Included.As of now we have no internet options

Other than T mobile hot spot and phones.We do get great service from both in our area.I just worry about not having enough data since we also can only stream.No cable Tv & home school our child. All for home internet.Keep it up!

I wouldn't mind being considered for zip code 48872.  Fairly rural.  TDS has a stranglehold on DSL in the area.  I have a 15mbps service and lucky to get 9mbps.  Have Netflix running almost constantly (kids), 2 computers, 2 tablets and PS4 (kids) running all the time.  The teenager screams about lag constantly mostly due to the Netflix account running and/or tablet video streaming and any software updates on the PCs take forever.  Would like nothing better than an alternative to TDS or the local cable companies that charge at highway robbery rates.

I just chatted with tmobile rep who said they will be posting a page on how to get on a waiting list for invites but didn't have a timetable.  Can't get here soon enough.  Can we just all tweet John Legere for express service?  I can dream right?


We are in the mountains of 93614 and only have 1 provider; Northland. I swear every other day its down for hours a time but we have great cell signal being on the top of our hill. Sure wish we had another option though, hint hint 😉

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is there a list of zip codes ?? can't fine anything on the site, I am in 19018 PA , I believe I am on a waiting list..


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Thanks so much,

yup looks like it's available now , price is $90 which is still fine , but adding TV's could come expensive , I will test this out.It's really cool that T-Mobile is kinda jumping in and disrupt that damn expensive cable industry/monopoly,John Leger you da man !!

I only wish we could get an offer like these in our area.   We have NO options, and so currently have to rely upon using our T-Mobile phones and accounts for internet service, by setting them in Hotspot mode.    Fortunately, this gives us enough speed to browse and even stream a few TV shows.  And for me, a little gaming.   Unfortunately, the data limits are very low, the speeds are erratic, and the ping (time for signal to receive) is a bit slow and often wildly erratic.

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I there a search data available, what zip codes are covered ??

As to any particular information about the Home Internet pilot program, they're very closed about it.    I spoke with one of the Executive Team yesterday asking many of these questions, and the simple answer was that any and all information is confidential, including selection process, areas being targeted/tested, etc.

The only information you'll find is what T-Mobile has already released in their (very vague) statements, or if you happen to find someone testing it and they tell you a little - although they won't know any more than what they can personally see (equipment, speeds they can get).

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Thanks for the info, I think the merger T-mo and sprint is also an issue but I don't know..

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Any news , updates ??

I've not read, seen, or heard any news on this front.

Certainly haven't been invited to participate, yet.    <sad>

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I was invited to use T Mobile’s Home ISP and took them up on the offer.  A little background:  I live in rural NE Georgia and Windstream DSL was the only option prior to this.  The best data rate I could get from Windstream was 17D/1U with a latency that often exceeded 300ms.  It was highly unreliable.

T Mobile ISP is a no brainer.  Its not without issues, and I’ll get into them in a minute, but first let me praise the improvement and SOLID reliability of the connection.  I’m situated between two rural cell towers and I live in a concrete (ICF) home, so signal degradation is a real issue.  To find a placement for the TMobile modem I used a cell signal app on my phone and found a window that could give me the best signal.  I placed the modem there, ran a Cat 6 cable to it and fed my Mikrotik Router and it has worked flawlessly and without interruption for several months now.  I’m getting 46Mbps down and 2.5 Mbps up.  The average latency is 80ms.  I want that upload to be faster because I have a Plex server and several security cameras.  This modem does have a built in battery, so it stays alive in power outages.  It has three ports (1 WAN and 2 Ethernet).  It has an on/off switch.  The micro sim can be removed from the back without needing to open the case. 

Now the issues:  1. The current generation modem does not have external ports for connecting external antennas for better signal reception.  2. The sim card will not work in a Netgear LTE modem that does have external antennas.  3. The current (first release) modem does NOT have a bridge mode in the current firmware.   4. Using this modem for a 2.4 and 5G WiFi network will impede the cell signal and reduce your upload bandwidth.  5. The firewall is very basic.  6. Port Forwarding and advanced features are not robust.  7. No embedded GPS for location - this plays an important role in location requirements for streaming services.  8. You cannot reliably use VOIP on this due to a SIP issue or a double NAT issue created by having a separate (and more robust) router, even if you bypass one router and plug the VOIP directly into the T Mobile Modem the SIP issue remains.

If T Mobile would release a firmware update that allowed this modem to be placed in Bridge Mode, it would be almost PERFECT.

If the next version of this modem comes with dual external antenna ports, AND an embedded GPS, AND the option to place it in Bridge Mode - it will be PERFECT.

Aside these limitations, the T Mobile $50 price point each month is about what I was paying Windstream for their unreliable DSL.  So T Mobile is giving me 3x better performance than I had with Windstream, for basically the same price.

I highly recommend this service if you get the invitation.  All eight of the issues I’ve pointed out probably would not affect the typical customer and I expect T Mobile will resolve (hopefully) all of these problems in the near future.  Are you corporate folks listening?