T-Mobile is becoming the Old Sprint after merger? Horrible Customer Service, service, ALL 611 calls directed to Philippines

  • 22 December 2021
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T-Mobile, you once pride yourself in providing your customers excellent customer service, network service and no hassle billing.. You honored that commitment prior to merger with Sprint. Many of us switched because of it. What is going lately???!! For the past several months it seems like you’ve now become the old Sprint. For the last 10 months, I have not spoken to a US T-Mobile Rep at all. All my calls are directed to reps in Philippines, long hold and wait times of 2 hours or more, now problems with billing, you’re not honoring promos ie: applying funds for trade in as promised, commitments and advertisements, speak to supervisors, managers, no follow up nor follow through, repeating the same issues several times, no resolve or resolutions, there’s no team of experts, billing issues go unresolved, overseas reps reading off scripts and this has become exactly like what I experienced at Sprint. There’s countless other complaints in T-Mobile community, social media, reviews and articles on Bloomberg as recent as 12/06/2021 all over asking what happen T-Mobile service and customer service after merger? Is anyone at T-Mobile listening? Wow, this is beyond frustrating!! and so unfair for any customer who pays their bill on time on autopay who does not have a pay as you go, boost, prepaid but regular plan. This is the 6th call placed into 611 today all calls directed overseas 11 months and still going, same issues not resolved..

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Offshoring Customer Care must be one of the worst decisions T-Mobile has ever made. 

I mean, it wouldn’t be so bad if it was to someplace where English is most people’s first language. It would be tolerable if English fluency was a requirement. But I know of no one who thinks this is working well.

I believe I was a victim of hacking or scamming by one of the reps in the Philippines. Maybe not, since I don't have full proof. I called a microsoft support number and a t mobile customer support at different times while my devices were getting hacked and THE SAME PERSON ANSWERED. I had two factor authentication tied to my phone number but the hacker was able to get a hold of my phone or sim card and log in to change my main accounts and add other forms of 2FA. Coincidence? I filed a report several times and never got any reply. I'm missing call logs on the day of the hack in the t mobile app and they say the account holder, my father, possibly manipulated the call history.... This is not normal. The support for for all major companies have all sunken to a new low. Offshore call centers cannot help and I believe there is potential fraud going on in these offshore call centers since they probably don't care since us U.S. customers don't have jurisdiction or proof to do anything if they do something fraudulent. T mobile is all about pure cash. Can't trust any "support reps" these days. No more monopolies..


and they LIE about EVERYTHING and know NOTHING