T-mobile lost my trade in, warehouse never scam my device. They refused to do anything

  • 23 August 2021
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We sent in 4 device for trade-in. All device were shown received by warehouse. 3 device got scanned in and credit it. 1 device never got scan and T-mobile refused to do anything. They keep calling and asking for help because they couldn’t find my device. Their respond was that our warehouse didn’t scan your device, there is nothing that can be done if we did not scan your device. They won’t allow this to escalate or lost or stolen device. My tracking shows clearly it was delivered the same way my other 3 device were trade-in. They do not suggest it was lost or stolen because they claim they have the safety security camera in place. I have been dealing with them for over 3 months now and they just wouldn’t have an answer for me. 

I see so many post about this same issue but yet their respond was “ we do not lose device when it gets sent to our warehouse”. I find it unreal that there is no check and balance system. 

Share your experience with me because I have seen many others and lately is getting worst. 

17 replies


I love how I just a message from T-mobile 2 days AFTER i post this here staying that they receive my phone. AFTER two month of calling and chasing after them about this device. This is how T-mobile works, unbelievable. Refused to respond to me. They have yet reach out to me with any apology after claiming that I never turn in the device. Took them 3 month to scan the device? I am speechless yet there is so little I can do because all they do is ignore me like how they did the last three months.

We traded in 4 iPhones and mailed them. They’re delivered with a tracking number, time stamp and everything to their warehouse but they are not able to find them!! Really?? 
it’s big time scam time with T mobile!! I wish we had never switched 

I'm going through the same thing they lost it and they still charging me and customers service is no help 😕 they send the galaxy zflip to the store for a warranty exchange and the store didn't want to exchange my phone and the store never send it back and they charging me I told them how can I be charged for a phone I never walk out the store with 

I have similar issue. I handed over device at the store in Feb and now store says they do not where it went. Whenever I call helpline, I get same answer: “Let me start investigation, we will return back to you within a week.” 

HUGE MISTAKE BY GOING BACK WITH TMOBILE.  So I just moved all my lines with t-mobile and I had to trade in 3 devices , I sent all 3 devices , and here's what's funny , I sent them all 3 phones in one box ,and they only received 2 ? And when I talk to them over the phone(Wasting so much time 1 hours everything time i called) ,they said they only received 2 phones because they only scanned 2 device . It's a scam they are doing . I wish I would have stayed with AT&T provider . T Mobile has to find out who's stealing or how all these devices are going missing . I would never recommend t mobile to anyone.  

Same situation here! I sent T-Mobile 4 iPhones in one box. The say they received 3! I got credit for ZERO!! Every single thing that I was promised never happened. I paid off all my phones with AT&T. T-mobile said they would reimburse for those. NEVER DID. T-mobile said I would receive 4 new phones for free (for switching). NEVER HAPPENED! I am currently paying for 4 phones and my other 4 were, essentially, stolen by T-mobile! My bill is higher than it was with AT&T. Huge scam!! Customer service is useless. I have spent countless hours on the phone with zero solution. Big regret switching from AT&T. I would never recommend T mobile to anyone. Scammed from day one!

This has to be a T-Mobile Scam..  Lure people in with promise of trade in, you trade in and they receive your phone, claim they never received it, and then do as they wish with your trade in phone and then charge you hire rate.  This is at best, a deceptive trade practice.  I am looking for others to take legal action.  Tmobilescam@yahoo.com


On same boat over 1 month returned 2 devices and lost them bill is over 2500 and keep escalating nonsense its a business line and they steal from customers major scam regret keeping them ....promises and escalations with never call back and wasted hours to get some sense it's beyond unprofessional service that won't fix anything 

I have the same exact issue. Someone at Assurant is stealing phones. I have a tracking number showing device was received over 2 months ago, but NO ONE at customer service can figure this out. T-Mobile is betting that you will not follow up on these situations. 

Sue them in the smalls claim court. It works.

Attention all who have been scammed!!!!

I was so pissed 2 weeks ago and Googled “how to sue T-Mobile”. I was directed to contact the Better Business Bureau and the FCC! I sent my story to both, super easy online to complete! T-Mobile is REQUIRED to reply within 30 days of being contacted by these organizations! What do you know? The 4 phones that they said they never received/ stole were reimbursed via $618 credit card to me! All of the “free phone” that they were charging me for have zero balances, and I got every cent, I was overcharged, credited to my account. When T-Mobile called and apologized and explained all of the credits, I asked what else can you do for the months of phone calls since July to resolve this? Bam! Another $600 credit! So… stop dealing with T- Mobile. They will do nothing!! BBB and FCC are the ONLY WAY to get your money back from this completely fraudulent company! Once all of our credits are expended, we are switching to any other than this scammy company! Cannot believe I wasted so many hours trying to resolve with them!! Good luck!! And Congrats!!

T-Mobile customer service is horrible! Returned a brand new iPhone 14 (son decided to keep his old iPhone 12) through UPS in October 2022. T-Mobile claims it never received it even though I have delivery confirmation that it was delivered to their warehouse. Been calling 2 times a month in order to get it resolved to no avail. They are telling me the phone was not in the package and it's UPS' responsibility and to file a claim with them. UPS says I can't file a claim since it's after the 60-day limit. So I'm out $2000 for a phone I don't even have. I have been a T-Mobile customer for almost 20 years and have 9 lines on my account, which I pay almost $500 a month ($6000 + a year). A disgrace of a company to treat a long-time customer. This month's payment is the last I am giving them! Off to a new carrier. 

T-Mobile just sends me an email with the message “Dear T‑Mobile Customer, We received your Samsung SM-N986U Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G 128GB Bronze and now claim they received my phone.  After doing some research, I am convinced that this is “FRAUD”.  Here is how it works, T-Mobile do a promotion and get you to send in your phone for a reduced price.  Once they get your phone, they then claim not to receive the phone and take away the promotion so you now have to pay the full price.  This has happened to enough people to where my state’s Attorney General will have to look into this.  Since this is common, a class action suit is inevitable.

T-Mobile warehouse lost my IPhone 13 pro max 256 GB. It was delivered to the warehouse and never scam my device. Right now they are refused to do anything. I have all the details related to tracking number , notification from tracking saying its delivered to warehouse. I also have confirmation from UPS they have same information in there system. UPS label was provided by Tmobile Care and i do not understand they do not track the same. It almost 8 month i have been trying to call and work with them. Its lot of mental stress and connecting to the care is not easy. Every time a new agent come and he open new ticket. it take 10 day to get back Infor and process keep us in loop (infinite). i am not sure who will help me with then stress , pain and getting my phone located. Even if that's located, i still need to find right agent to help me, as agent who worked on my case for trade in, did not do right job and i have myself backing on audio transcript they record.  


I think this process is very bad for people who are in my sport and no one help or understand. They try to but they somehow want to nice to get the call done. Its not the purpose of calling care after waiting for long time on wait for call to be connected to agent . Imagine call i have been calling them from last 8 months. :). 


I see lot of case related to phone lost due to ware house issue. why do they have tracking in place. Customer would think they have send phone to label which tmobile has give and there is no guarantee. I request Tmobile fraud agency to look into customer request 


The same thing happened to me. I did a jump on demand and sent back the two iPhone 13s via store to warehouse. The warehouse claims they never got them. Now I’m being charged for both iPhone 13s and iPhone 14s


I traded in my phone and pd taxes ahead to get a free phone as well. I was told I will see a charge and a credit on the same statement for 24 months. The credit was posted only the first month after. I have made many calls, provided the promo code and none can solve the issue. They all first said the cant see sprint old system, then they see it and all supposed to be fixed, but Nothing. I just emailed NBC Response and complained. You all should do the same. It seems like T-Mobile wants to grab few pennies for the merge.


I sent in my old phone under a trade-in promotion for my new one. I HAVE the USPS receipt that said DELTHE IVERED A MONTH AGO when tracked. I called in and they said they didn’t see it logged in their system AND CLAIMED THAT IT MUST HAVE NOT BEEN RECEIVED OR THE PHONE WAS NOT IN THE BOX!?! I spent hours and hours over the phone to get it resolved because they used the WRONG IMEI number. I went into the store, they couldn’t take the phone and I had to mail it in...why would I not put the phone in the box? 

I talked to Tony with and got really frustrated and then talked to supervisor Frank. He then told me to file a claim with the USPS and see what they say and he will proceed to the next step. So I just filed the claim. I will keep you all updated. If this is not resolved, please get together and sue T-Mobile!!!! I spent so much time and been so stressed out because of this!!! I BELIEVE THERE’S SOME FRAUD GOING ON. Did they claim to give us back $800 toward the new phone and do this to get out of it maybe?