T-mobile lost my trade in, warehouse never scam my device. They refused to do anything

  • 23 August 2021
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We sent in 4 device for trade-in. All device were shown received by warehouse. 3 device got scanned in and credit it. 1 device never got scan and T-mobile refused to do anything. They keep calling and asking for help because they couldn’t find my device. Their respond was that our warehouse didn’t scan your device, there is nothing that can be done if we did not scan your device. They won’t allow this to escalate or lost or stolen device. My tracking shows clearly it was delivered the same way my other 3 device were trade-in. They do not suggest it was lost or stolen because they claim they have the safety security camera in place. I have been dealing with them for over 3 months now and they just wouldn’t have an answer for me. 

I see so many post about this same issue but yet their respond was “ we do not lose device when it gets sent to our warehouse”. I find it unreal that there is no check and balance system. 

Share your experience with me because I have seen many others and lately is getting worst. 

4 replies


I love how I just a message from T-mobile 2 days AFTER i post this here staying that they receive my phone. AFTER two month of calling and chasing after them about this device. This is how T-mobile works, unbelievable. Refused to respond to me. They have yet reach out to me with any apology after claiming that I never turn in the device. Took them 3 month to scan the device? I am speechless yet there is so little I can do because all they do is ignore me like how they did the last three months.

We traded in 4 iPhones and mailed them. They’re delivered with a tracking number, time stamp and everything to their warehouse but they are not able to find them!! Really?? 
it’s big time scam time with T mobile!! I wish we had never switched 

I'm going through the same thing they lost it and they still charging me and customers service is no help 😕 they send the galaxy zflip to the store for a warranty exchange and the store didn't want to exchange my phone and the store never send it back and they charging me I told them how can I be charged for a phone I never walk out the store with 

I have similar issue. I handed over device at the store in Feb and now store says they do not where it went. Whenever I call helpline, I get same answer: “Let me start investigation, we will return back to you within a week.”