T-Mobile money account link with mint / plaid

  • 7 November 2021
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Several threads relating to T-mobile money linking account with mint have been closed as *SOLVED*. However, I do not see this solved yet, there’s no way to link with mint. I wanted to use this for direct pay, have been waiting for solution. 

Please either provide solution or confirm that t-mobile can’t be linked with Mint / plaid. Do not just close it as SOLVED. That’s not correct.

  1. Can’t link t-mobile mobile money account with mint.
  2. Can’t link t-mobile money account with remittance services (Instarem - uses plaid)
  3. Can’t link t-mobile money account in Google Pay (Uses plaid service)

Hoping for quick turnaround on this.

4 replies

I just tried to link my T-Mobile MONEY account to Intuit Mint and cannot find “T-Mobile” anywhere.  Not even the T-Mobile cell phone plan.  I can only assume this is due T-Mobile MONEY being a Fintech with Customers Bank providing the actual banking services behind the scenes.

Just updating this post, I really want to be able to link my T-Mobile Money account to said financial services

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I really have no hopes that T-Mobile money team would address this issue as it’s been hanging on for over a year or so.. there could be some technical challenges.. moving on.. I have limited myself from using it as I can’t track my spendings easily.

I would also really like for T-mobile money to be available to view on my Mint account. I just got my T-mobile money a few days ago and tried, today, to link the T-mobile money account with my Mint account with no luck. I tried to look for Customers Bank, but did not see the correct bank.