T-Mobile Money - Anyone else getting repeatedly locked out of your money account for two weeks at a time?

Second time I've been locked out of my account and denied access to my money for two weeks. Calling customer support is a waste of time because they say they don't know why and there is nothing they can do. Locked out two times in six months is impressing me. Certainly glad I didn't make the mistake of actually using this account like a checking account or I would have bills bouncing all over the place.

I'm just curious. Am I the only one?


Best answer by tmo_chris 25 March 2019, 17:28

Hey there! I am very sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing your account! Please do call us when you have a chance and tell the specialist you speak with to reference internal document DOC-444527 for all the info they need to assist you in regaining access to your account.

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I'll be completely honest that I have no working experience with T-Mobile money. When it first launched I did look into it as a viable alternative option outside of my main financial institution.

however when I called T-Mobile three times to inquire about the details and how this worked and what the actual benefit was to me no one could explain it and was not familiar with T-Mobile money and that was with me calling T-Mobile money.

suffice to say I do not have the faith in the product based upon the lack of knowledge of the people who were supposed to know the product.

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Hey there! I am very sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing your account! Please do call us when you have a chance and tell the specialist you speak with to reference internal document DOC-444527 for all the info they need to assist you in regaining access to your account.

The T-Mobile Banking customer support are basically just people off the street who tell you there is nothing they can do because internal security flagged your account. He had no idea what internal document DOC-444527 is and there is nobody for me to talk to above him. For the third time, I was told that they are escalating my request to turn my account back on and MAYBE the security people would call me (they didn't last time) but he really didn't know for sure.

Thanks for at least trying. The T-Mobile Money call center is really horrible and there is no where to complain. They have a script they are reading and you have to fight to get in a word to explain what your problem is once the script comes on the screen.

It wouldn't be so bad (well, other than that they are holding several thousand dollars hostage) except they are also not paying the bill that I was autopaying out of the account. Got a call from T-mobile last week that my payment had bounced. The T-mobile support is great and he redacted the fee for a bounced payment. Thank goodness I didn't risk any of my other bills to T-Mobile Money.

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I am so sorry for the confusion, when I said call us, I meant us as in T-Mobile. The T-Mobile Money folks will not have access to our internal documents. That document will instruct the T-Mobile specialist you speak with know how to escalate this issue.

Has this issue been resolved yet? I created an account 2 weeks ago and was told that they opened my account, but also closed it. I am very confused and they say its a technical glitch. I have no hope in banking with T-Mobile. This service is terrible.

My account has been restricted since July 26. What is the number to call to get this resolved? I‘ve received no phone call or email other than the one telling me it was restricted on the 26th. Every time I call, it’s the same spill that they will call me soon. 

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Hey @erincantoo

You will want to call 611 from your phone or if you have a Facebook/Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team.

They just restricted my account this morning. T-Mobile money cust care is useless. They dk why is happened. Upon google searching I think it was because I tried to xfer money into my husbands account TO PAY RENT. I didn’t know they don’t support external xfers. Wtf

T-Mobile Money has the worst service. I got locked out of my account, and after several calls and long waits and being hung up I was told by them there had been suspicious activity, but I was never notified, was told it would take up to 5 days to unlock it, which is absurd! They are high jacking my own money! Never heard of such thing. I love T-Mobile the phone company but this bank they use, BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank sucks! Do not recommend 


My account has been locked, they said it’s internal error and also without a debit card activated with the apps, I am not able to access to my fund and no one can tell me when they will resolved this issues and their customer services can only apologizes but no answer no solution it’s a total waste of time. 
In the pandemic period of time, each dollar count and I can’t get gas, can’t buy food and no idea what’s going on it’s really absurd for keep my money in this bank and got hijack without a trace.  

We just started banking with Tmobile. I am active duty military and they locked me out of my account, will not respond, cannot get anyone on the phone. They are holding my money hostage AND WILL NOT GIVE ME ACCESS. IF THEY DONT, I will take this all the way up the pole and make sure they are legally made negligent and make sure NOONE IN THE MILITARY can ever bank with them again. This is beyond stupid. 

My account was restricted after I tried to link my moms checking account under external transfers so that I could transfer her some money. Called costumer service and they said they don't know why my account was restricted and that someone would call me or send an email. Until then I do not have access to MY MONEY. This is ridiculous.  Costumer service doesn't know why???? WTH are they even there for then if they can't help solve problems.  Im super close to filing a report with the BBB. I am beyond furious. I want to talk to someone about this immediately.  I need access to MY MONEY. 

My account has been restricted and my card has been disabled. I have no access to my money whatsoever. We are in the middle of a pandemic so every dollar someone has counts. I REALLY need help with this, trying to get my account unrestricted.