T-mobile never stopped billing me even months after account closed!

  • 5 February 2019
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I need help and T-mobile customer service on the phone is very difficult to talk to. Although they are nice, and they seem eager to help, they do not understand the problem and they keep making up answers hoping one of them will stick. None of the stick.


I had service starting in late August, and in mid October, I spoke to a T-mobile agent online and requested that my account be terminated after the current bill ends. He informed me that I couldn't get a refund for previously paid bills because those bills were for the current month of services. Okay, fine. I asked to cancel the day the cycle ends so I would use all my paid for services without owing anything. He confirmed that I would not owe anything after that.

The agent did not wait until the end of the cycle and instead, cancelled my service right away, with a week or so that I paid for that I didn't get back. No problem. They can keep it.

The Problem

T-mobile kept my autopay still going, and my bills keep coming every month, even though I don't have service with T-mobile at all. They charge my card every month. It's been 4 months since cancellation, and I am still getting my full bill every month. I don't even have my account anymore. Because my account is canceled, I am not able to login to talk to someone about it online.

Customer service on the phone is not understanding the problem, no matter how hard I try to explain it. They keep asking irrelevant things like why did I cancel my services or did I move my number to a different carrier. Who cares? They see that the account was cancelled in October. They see that I have been charged in November, December, January, and I just received an email saying my February one is coming up. Yet they are unable to see why it's a problem that I keep getting billed despite having no service with T-mobile. The last rep I spoke to tried to explain how these recurring bills are covering old months, which is ridiculous. I only had service for 2 months, both paid for. And I have been charged for 6 so far.

Since I couldn't speak to someone who could help me, I disputed the transactions with my credit card, and won. But now T-mobile says I owe them $480 (4 months), and they aren't letting it go, but they aren't explaining what I owe for. And they seem to have no intention of stopping this recurring charge.

I don't want to keep arguing with them over this. It is very time consuming and frustrating. And I definitely don't want them to falsely report a delinquency to the credit bureau. It's ridiculous that they keep my card on file and keep billing it after there is not even an account to bill. My bank agrees and resolves in my favor, but T-mobile is still coming after me for money I do not owe.

Can anyone help?


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You've tried talking. Have you tried writing a business letter according to the terms of the Fair Credit Billing Act? Talking does not preserve your legal rights, writing does. Also, have you spoken with your bank (credit card issuer)?

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Try reaching out to the T-Force Team via social media.  They have a lot more access to things beyond the ability of Customer Care reps.  Give them a few days to respond when you send them a message but they will get back you.

Writing a letter takes ages to get a response, and they will most likely just tell me to call in. I don't see why I have to spend so much of my time on this just for T-mobile to register that I canceled and therefore no longer need to pay. I understand what you're saying about preserving my legal rights (I am a lawyer), but the idea of going through this hassle just to refund money they shouldn't be charging is really irritating.

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, if you write to a company, they must reply in writing to you. Only their written reply counts. So, telling you to call them for an answer is right out. But you're a lawyer and I'm not, so handle it any way you like.

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We wanna see that you get help with this. On this message forum, we don't have account access. I understand that you've called before, but you can reach out to our T-Force folks through our social media channels on our Community-2153​. They're a great group and can take another crack at giving you more help with this.

hi @magenta7616177

I am trying to get people together that cancelled line but continue to get charged. I think this is an ongoing practice by tmobile. I just got a collection bill for more than 1200 just for the line I already cancelled 7 months ago (and customer service agree too). I think this is deliberate and I need to get as many people as possible to see where we can go.

I moved to Verizon in May and was charged all summer by T-Mobile. Glad to know I'm not the only one, it would be great to get a class action lawsuit going. 

I cancelled my account in May 2020 and have been billed all summer even after numerous phone calls and in person visits to dispute the charges.  Just received a bill from a collection agency for unresolved charges as well.  

Seems pretty obvious that TMobile is intentionally billing cancelled services, and making it unreasonably difficult to get these charges removed.  

They’re still doing this. I cancelled service in December 2020, and they’ve been billing me. Spoke with an agent tonight and he said instead of cancelling they had noted I asked to suspend the service. Total bs. Hope they decide to actually cancel it this time. I’m game for class action. 

i am dealing with the same situation, i called in months ago to cancel my service with T mobile i informed the customer rep that i want to close out my service completely. and paid off any money i owed on the service and devices. rep told me i was good to go and switched carriers the day now i have an over due bill of a few hundred dollars on a line the they stated was only suspended and not canceled. 

Wow looks like before I cancel or switch to a different carrier. I’ll just keep my one watch line so it’s a way smaller bill just in case this tragedy happens! Sorry to hear about this from you folks and thanks for the heads up.

I am also dealing with the same situation.  Closed T-mobile account and cancelled service in February 2021, and still getting charges in June 2021.   Spoke with an agent a couple times now, and they tell the story that they have personally made sure the account was actually cancelled and no more bills will occur.  Hasn’t turned out to be true yet, I still get bills.


Reported to Better Business Bureau as a scam.

Oh man, I’m having the same problem. Got into some business plan that was supposed to be $80 - they kept charging me $130. Every month I called in to get the bill straightened out. The third time I went to TMobile, paid off my phone and cancelled my plan. Then I switched to prepaid - $50 a month. I paid the first month at the store, now I see in my bank account they auto billed my account $130 for the plan I CANCELLED. This is obviously a standard business practice at T-Mobile - there is no way it’s happening to this many people as some sort of mistake. 

I canceled my service July 2nd, 2021 and they took out $531.33 for my final bill a month later AFTER I CANCELED! They will not refund me the fund because I was on auto pay which is a joint bank account and it wasn't my money. I canceled everything but then when I called in they said they was going to refund me the funds and it never happened so I called back and they said it was denied. And said I was still on auto pay after I canceled and the rep. then she canceled it. Well I didn't feel comfortable with that that that's the 2nd time it was canceled and it wasn't, so I had to cancel my bank card. And they still wont return the funds. I have a dispute with them through my bank and reported them to BBB.

We wanna see that you get help with this. On this message forum, we don't have account access. I understand that you've called before, but you can reach out to our T-Force folks through our social media channels on our Community-2153​. They're a great group and can take another crack at giving you more help with this.

how do you get a hold of T-Force?

We are being charged monthly after terminating contract with with T-Mobile three months ago. 

Why did we terminate T-Mobile?  Before they merged with Sprint, we had excellent service.  When they started to decommission Sprint cellular towers, our service was gone.  NO bars!

Employees at our local store, that we partied with on Tuesdays, knew their service was going to HE||.

Nobody at T-Mobile can understand English and they definitely do not understand why we are still being charged.  This is a sign that America is being flushed.  United We Stood.  In God We Trusted.  DJT Won.

I am also facing the same problem now. I cancelled my magenta family account on August. Paid $284.67 for the last billing cycle on September 13. Then again on October 13 even when my account did not exist because I cancelled it, I got charged $312.17 out of nowhere. I called 611 and they themselves didn't even know where that charge came from and issued a refund and told me to wait 3-5 business days. It's been more than 2 weeks, when I still didn't get the refund and called TMobile again now they are saying that the charge was valid, couldn't give me any clear idea why so. This is very frustrating and as a college student I barely have the time to deal with this charges for no reason.

I’m dealing with the same issue, it’s now been over two months and nothings been resolved. I submitted a complaint to the BBB & let my attorney general be aware of this issue.