T mobile- no more us support No customer relations no service!

  • 7 June 2020
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hhello there!
t Mobile used to be a great company, what happened?

here is my story, they have been advertising how great their network upgrades have improved service. Well I tried the T MOBILE TEST DRIVE for 30 days, it worked well. I had coverage everywhere I went with my other phone, won’t name carrier but it wasn’t Verizon, (gsm) I still was not convinced, so then I tried another 3rd party service that uses t-mobile network for2months, it worked great. I was now becoming confident T-Mobile would work for me. I called t-mobile sales and was told that at my residence would have great service with super fast internet (data). Long story short we switched to t mobile.
I had marginal service with my Android phone, but my wife’s iPhone worked somewhat better. I tried 2different Android phones, now a galaxys10, it has gotten worse and worse.

now T mobile says that I won’t have good coverage, they have not done anything about it. Now every time I call for support I get transferred to an overseas call center. Funny while I am on hold they tell me that their dedicated us based team will be helping NOT,

anyway I can do a speed test inside my house and get 5-40 mbps download and I get virtually no upload with 75to 100% data packet loss.

funny my local coverage as almost exactly the same as the old sprint coverage map shows!
sprint used to show no service at my residence, now they say excellent, just like T-Mobile told me 6 months ago

anybody up for a class action, all I want is what I paid for!

6 replies

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Do you have a post paid plan or prepaid?

Prepaid plan use outsourced customer support in the Philippines.

I have magenta55 plan,

I have 2 lines on t-mobile postpaid. Magenta55

I really believe the towers have been repurposed to improve SPRINT(S) horrible service. seems It became completely unsatisfactory about the same time sprint merged.

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I'm not sure why the coverage changed, but it was most likely unrelated to the merger. The biggest thing we've done is make sure that Sprint's 5G devices work on the T-Mobile network​, but that didn't require making any tower changes locally or anything like that. But if your area needs more towers, I'd recommend signing our petition at . We frequently need help showing local community leaders that people are in need of better signal when getting towers approved.


I’m testing out T-Mobile home internet. The download speed is good but the upload side is not as good. Also if you use (OOKLA), it takes 15-45 seconds to locate a server. The initial response time is very long. It has trouble finding a server to do the test with. I’m going to test it with Zoom meeting this weekend, and see how the lower upload speed affects that.

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I talked to a woman named Monica in Augusta, Georgia the other day when I called Customer Care.  Very nice, very well spoken, and very helpful!