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Help me please! any one on this forum. there is a time some where in November 2016 (Black Friday Deal) that T-mobile roll out a plan tmobile one TE. it is hot deal i grab it on that it post. so i have 5 line  T-Mobile ONE™ TE includes unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data on our network with no annual service contracts, or data overages for 120$, or you can get 4 lines depend on when you enrolled. its was instant hot deal.

     So here story, now T-mobile charge with 120$ for 2 line unlimmited, and each one additional line is 25$ ( 75). The total is 195$, its big different. i did try customer service to explain but its useless. It's like "a little david versus Giant" now. i hope some one out there have similar situation like mine. And even worse now, every time you try to call customer service, they will try to make you get rid of the tmobile one TE plan and joint tmobile one TI plan. In my case TE is better deal for me. I hope T-mobile will honor the deal that they made and dont be like 24hr Fitness promise customer paid up front 600$ and after three year. 50$ per year for the REst of life. but they did not keep promise and raised the price to 100$ per year. i am trying my luck in the dark here if some one on same boat like me or some one have a better explain. Thank you


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So, in the 5 minutes of research I did, the only thing I can find is in November 2016, for a brief period, T-Mobile offered two free lines, assuming your account already had two lines.  It was available for new and existing customers.

T-Mobile Makes Magenta Friday a Thing. Black Friday, You’re On Notice. | T-Mobile News

According to the post at T-Mobile One Unlimited Plan: Purchase 2 Voice Line, Get - , it says it applies until you change your plan.  I don't know what qualifies as "change your plan", but that's the only thing I can think of that may have happened to you.  I'm assuming your post is saying something like "I had it for a year and a half, then I called for something, changed my plan, and now my lines aren't free anymore."

If you voluntarily changed your plan, T-Mobile will not change you back.

Thank you much smplyunprdctble for your 5mins. The title is " T-mobile one TE versus T-mobile one TI". The link you send me is a bit missing the point. you did not read my POST clearly and already make assumption. but i am thank you and appreciated for your time to help me with it.

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Hi there!

I wasn't able to find that exact offer you're talking about. Are you saying you had this set up before and it switched all of a sudden? I know you've contacted care before, but those folks are able to dig into your account history and see what plans you had prior to it switching over.

Thanks Mike for the effort into this, here is one page of billing. i black out my name and phone number due to privacy. hope it help or correct if i am might be wrong.

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Are you asking if your plan will continued to be honored indefinitely?  E.g. in five years, will you still be on this same $120 plan you signed up for on Black Friday?

My guess is "most likely".

T-Mobile grandfathers people into the plans they have.  Unlike some of the competition, they won't force you off "just because".  So, assuming you don't touch your plan, you should be able to keep this plan as long as you want.  I've had my plan since around 2010, I think.  I've had a number of times the stores have wanted me to change my plan, but I threatened to leave if they even thought about touching it 😀.

There are some caveats:

  1. I didn't read an "end promo date" for the free lines.  If there IS an end date to when these lines are free, your bill will increase.  But, to me, it sounds like the free lines are as long as you keep your current plan (see previous mention, which should be as long as you want).
  2. Once, a handful of years ago, T-Mobile tried to consolidate all their super-grandfathered plans on a plan-by-plan basis.  Their goal was to give you the same level of service, but increase the total bill by "up to a dollar" (it was their goal to get everyone on even dollar amount plans instead of XX.99 plans and to simplify their billing system).  If T-Mobile decides to do this again (unlikely?), your plan may be affected.  But, as stated, they kept everything in their promise for other folks as best they could, and worked with folks who had significant changes.
  3. In rare instances (this generally happens when new plan features are available and they want to get everyone on the new feature -- last instance I can think of was data on smartphone plans), you may not be able to upgrade a device through T-Mobile without modifying your plan.  This doesn't mean you can't go out on your own and purchase a device (like I do with the Nexus / Pixel line) to avoid the risk of touching your account.

You will need to be diligent when doing upgrades to make sure T-Mobile doesn't touch your plan.  This is generally easy when upgrading online, but difficult [based on posts in the forum] when upgrading over the phone and in store.  But, to me, it sounds like you should be able to keep this steal of a plan as long as you want to be a T-Mobile customer.

Thank you so much smplynprdctble, that's quite good information you provide. i am lucky to grab one of those deal, its was last couple hours i am not sure but the  Rep told me that its one of those deal you never see again. i have three line, rep told me if i get two more line then i could get that offer with condition that i cant cancel. Another condition that those two line used at least 3 months then i see the change in the Bill. Which T-mobile honor the deal. i updated from not good to excellent, could not ask more than that. i did try to call in and try to explain but no one believed. More than that, after 11 years and have not divorce with T-mobile yet like "love and hate" right? lol what is wrong with me right after all months mismatch bill. i was able to collect the contract plan of the history and present and try to explain the situation again. will see how it solve out.

Thanks again Smplyunprdctble for your time and very appreciated  Image result for handshake avatar

I have the plan you are talking about. Signed up on a promo right after Black Friday 2 years ago. I have a 5 person family plan for $120. Unlimited talk, text, data & unlimited tethering (10GB 4G). When I log into the T-Mobile site it shows T-Mobile ONE TE.

Finally, someone outthere got the plan like me, lucky you supadav03. try to keep it. I don't know why I am try to explained to customer service and explains to them and it seem they can't understand and even said that I am fake and try to bargain a deal with them. I even send in the old plan and plan that I have to customer relatation. Not even one email or letter to explains it to me what happens  and why. Even if the plan change, as a customer we have the right to obtain the document or contract or email notification right.? and now whole customer rep try to switch us to T-Mobile one TE to T mobile one TI with Netflix deal as a hook. just hope this case getting more and more people involve like 24hr fitness broke their promised on 50$ per year, or Wells Fargo open account with out customer consent or AT&T charge customer fee for no reason.

It's kinda weird that whole entire department of service don't even know what is that plan when you mention to them.

Hi supadav03,

if you don't mind post up the Plan page of your up here, here, you can mark up your name and phone number just like I did above. Thanks much.

Here’s a snap shot of my T-Mobile TE plan

I call 6 times already and I don’t want any more emails from t mobile

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FYI, 24 hour fitness did the same thing to me and there was a class action lawsuit. its down to 50 a month with the highest tier for all the gyms.

Hello, I am glad to find someone else who still has the Black Friday 2016 promotion plan. In Nov 2016, I changed from AT&T to T-Mobile and was able to sign up for 3 voice lines and the 4th line free (in this case the customer service rep. gave me a Tablet as the 4th line so I was not charged extra.)  In addition, T-Mobile was  offering a free tablet and/or a free cell phone at the same time as long as you remain with T-Mobile for 24 months (same as a contract..)

After I joined T-Mobile I experienced many months of frustration because the T-Mobile bill was always incorrect.  I would call every month to complain and someone from overseas would not recognize the 2016 promotional plan.  It took about one year to correct the issue.


Recently, I called the T-Mobile customer service to discuss why the current bill ($195) was higher compared to prior month bill ($185 including taxes).  The T-Mobile One TE plan included $140 (3 voice + 4th line free Tablet) before taxes, insurance and IPhone equipment financing.

Then all of sudden, the customer service is telling me how the bill can lowered with a new plan T-Mobile One.  I specifically told her that I did not want to change the plan because I did not want to lose the 4th line free – Tablet promotion.

Now, I find myself with the new plan T-Mobile One and calling customer service to discover what happened.  It appears the new charges will be lowered going forward, but I am not sure due to bill credits/ adjustments.  The current bill is $120 for three voice + $40 or $20? for the Tablet which is joke!! Includes taxes and excludes any insurance. 

Another customer service told me  to change to T-Mobile Essentials so the Tablet is free.  However, one needs to carefully read the Plan because it looks like T-Mobile will charge extra for the hot spot usage.  I basically told him that I was disappointed with the service and that I did not authorize any changes.

I don’t know if this new plan T-Mobile One makes any sense because I use a lot of data on a daily basis and I don’t know if I can return to my old plan.  I just started to research the Plans and found all comments/discussions very helpful, Thank you.

YUP!!!  T-Mobile pulled the bait and switch with us as well.  I have been fighting them for a year now to reinstate this offer for which we signed up.  Impossible they say.  I have it in writing clear and simple and they absolutely refuse to honor this offer.  We switched from ATT to T-Mobile during the three days of this offer as well, then next thing we know we are paying much more as well.  SCANDALOUS!!!!

TE: Tax Excluded

TI: Tax Included

Simple as that. Hope this helps.

  1. When I signed up for service in October.. my deal was 4 lines for $120 month.. I ended up dropping two lines later and still paying $120.

I have been given the run around with t-Mobile for over 2 years now.  I, too, was offered the T-Mobile ONE offer, $120 for the first two lines, 2nd two lines free and $20 each additional line for a total of $145 for 5 lines.  T-Mobile sold me this plan then never managed to honor it.  I actually ad them put the plan in writing and had it signed by a manager when signing up.  They never honored this plan for me.  After over a year of fighting with them, they finally said they had resolved the issue and will honor the plan.  I am still fighting with them.  They are currently billing me $205 a month instead of the $145 promised.  I agree, SCANDALOUS!!!  Isn't there some recourse we can take?


Wow. So I logged into the mobile app two days ago and I was a T-Mobile one TE customer. Today I guess without my concent I am a magenta customer! I went into the store to grab that free line and a free phone. “No strings attached “ I made sure my plan and bill wouldn’t change I also made sure my current plan was Eligible with out any changes. (Well I kept asking)  I originally had 3 voice lines and one tablet. I got the two for 120$ and the two free lines on us. One of the two free lines was a tablet line with the free tablet. Not to mention the buy one get one Samsung’s that they taught me on with adding the credit for a year!! (Getting the bill down to the 145$ as promised took two years before they finally set it up to where I didn’t have to call every month.) ok back to the free line and new free phone. They added my free line and then told me that the rebel 5G would be free via billing credits. I said ok 👌 let’s make sure before we leave. So I was supose to get 50% off the REVVL for adding a new line. And then I was told if I added a 5G phone with a new line to my plan I also would get a 200$ 5G phone credit initially making the phone free. Well I only see the 200$ Promo That will be paid monthly at $8.43 credit and it doesn’t specify what promo it is. I’m assuming the 200$ off for activating a 5G phone or could be the 50% off. The phones original price is 400$. Either way I looked into the promotion tab and I don’t see any active promos but the new 200$ future credit! And my bill went from 151$ with T-Mobile one TE to 212$ for magenta !!  WTH??? First off I never approved the plan change and the rep in the store did not inform me he was going to change my plan ! Also where the hell are all my promos for the now three free voice lines and free tablet line ??? I spent two days taking with T-Mobile making sure my phone bill would not increase adding two completely free promotions!!! If they upgraded my plan shouldn’t I still get my additional two free line from the get go.. omg make my brain hurt.