T-mobile promotion credits not being applied to my account

I purchased the S9 in March under the promotion TM98.

Sent in my s7 as trade in which was acknowledged as being received

Two weeks later my new phone developed a blue line on the screen and had to be sent back

the rep I talked to sent me out a new phone and I sent the defective one back.

Found out the marked it as a remorse return, IT WAS A DEFECTIVE phone not a remorse purchase!

Called 3 times to get credit and keep getting "your case is being escalated "

I get the credit but I should not have to call every month

How can I talk to someone on the ESCALATED  office.



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Oh boy this is a hassle but I think this can be taken care of. Have you tried reaching out to our T-Force team? They have account access too and may be able to help shine some light on this and give you an update on the escalation status. You can use the Facebook or Twitter link in my badge or on our Community-2153​ page. Please reach out to them when you get the chance.

waiting for the follow up call tomorrow.,One rep got it put on with status pending then the next day it was gone !!!

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Oh no! Sorry to hear it vanished but I'm glad to hear you're getting someone to follow up with you on this. Thanks for keeping us updated.

I have heard the same bs that my account has been escalated only to find out nothing had happened.  I am regretting switching to t mobile so far my experience has not been good.  The sales person said all the right things..but for $20 a month in savings it has not been worth me having to follow up on someone what said they were going to do their job.

I'm getting tired of it too !!!

Waiting on follow up call ,still didnt get called back yet it's all because the first rep I spoke to about the defectivephone made it a Remose return,wish I could talk to that one again ,give that one a piece of my mine.

Ready to file a complaint with the BBB,and state attorney generaloffice,

Then switch carriers.

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I definitely don't want you to continue to have to wait @johnnydec1​ Instead, you should reach out to our T-Force team using the link I posted above. You can even link them to this thread so you don't have to explain everything all over again. Please give them chance to help with this.

@hotbeth68​  sounds like you're going through the same thing. You too should give our T-Force team a shot at assisting you with this.

Thank You Mike ,I did contact them and problem was taken care of. !!!!

Worked out good ...

Thanks again for the info


I am facing same issue - Been a Customer with Tmobile for 3 years now.

In June 12th 2020, T-mobile came up with a promotion for existing Customer - T298 within which i participated and turned in an Iphone 6 as part of the promotion and took Iphone 11 from your T-mobile Store loaded on Rt. 1 in North Brunswick, NJ.

Since then i have contacted Customer Service multiple times to check on the status of the promotion being applied to my number. On 15 or 16th July the Customer Service person mentioned that the promotion will be applied manually to my account.

Still in the latest billing cycle i still do not see that promotion being applied

Today again i spoke to a Customer Service and had to explain the whole promotion again. I have an e-mail from one of T-mobile customer Service person that i do qualify for the promotion and i have already turned in the Iphone 6 as per the requirements. I am wondering why is there a delay in applying the promotion.

I am looking for some explanation and resolution on this issue at your earliest convenience

Issue resolved. Thank you. Reached out to T-mobile through their Facebook Messenger and had a quick turn around. Received the credit.

Thank you.

I am supposed to have a promotion with my 12 pro max and I have called about 4-6 times to get it corrected and it will get corrected then revert back to the old way. I am not sure how many months now I have been paying $15 more a month for my phone and why do I have to fix it every single month I am getting sick of this company. My bill is 468 or more every month and I can’t get a $15 a month promo since I have been paying between 450/650 a month since 2017. Never missed a payment and yet that’s not the only issue I am having I  don’t have time to keep waiting on hold a couple times every single month and I had a plan before the magenta military came into play. I got switched automatically without permission and my bill went up because of it over the last two years. I thought you had to change the plan yourself and if you don’t you get grandfathered in with the old plan. This place is no longer making me happy and I will be switching as soon as I can. The amount of money they have stolen from me is ridiculous and never gets permanently corrected or at all.