T-Mobile "Refer A Friend" seems like a scam!

  • 13 January 2022
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So...I refer my aunt and uncle to T-Mobile. They activate two lines. But because my aunt and uncle didn’t take my referral code to the store with them, my referral is considered “invalid.” I call T-Mobile two separate times, and I’m given a $50.00 credit to my line. Fine, whatever. 


This isn’t what T-Mobile advertises, in fact, it’s downright false advertising. Requiring a “referral code” to be brought to the store is JUST ANOTHER HOOP T-Mobile has in place to prevent actually paying the money out in the form of a pre-paid MasterCard as T-Mobile claims to offer. I won’t be referring anyone else to T-Mobile until you guys FIX THIS ISSUE. Red tape and false promises are BS!

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