T-Mobile still lying to customers

  • 23 October 2023
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We switched our family (4 lines) over to T-Mobile and were given a page with a promotional code by the rep in the store to use to receive a $200 prepaid card per line. This was supposed to pay off the remaining balance on my wife’s phone. I submitted the code for each line and all 4 were denied because we were “outside of the promotional period”. There are no dates on the paper given to me and the rep clearly told me we were eligible.

This is the same reason I quit Sprint many years ago. Clearly T-Mobile is only interested in signing customers, not keeping them.


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10 replies

I was just trying to redeem the same kind of code and it told me it was expired, of course it says with in 30 days of activation, and I don’t know the date of activation, but of course it is the digital world and they know.  
 I am trying now to see if I can get a new code,  Ill let you know what they say. 


Anyone else  besides me tired of these multi billion dollar industries  terrible customer service. I've literally been on hold for an hour trying to resolve an issue with a refurbished phone they sent me as a replacement phone 

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you’ll have better odds  contacting TMO through either Facebook or Twitter..just send them a not post on their main page.

I’m sick to death of everything taking an hr or two waiting on customer service to finally answer only to be told that no one else is linked to my phone with an eSIM that should not be there but IS and my data is not being used up by someone other than me and the phone showing as my phone is not my phone but they say that doesn’t matter and my name is spelled two different ways depending on how or what you are looking up and that I can’t receive the two step verification code because the short codes are in my block list for some odd reason. It’s so freaking time consuming to reset all the crap the hacker keeps just resetting again and again.  

I have had the same issues with the iphone 15 on them promotion. Sales person at store told me I would get a $50 credit for 24 months. This was all a lie. I have had to call every month and each person I talk to tells me a different story. They tell me the right promotion wasn’t attached to my account. I have been with T mobile 16 years but as soon as I can get out of this deal I will be leaving T-Mobile over the lies. I totally feel like this was a scam by T-Mobile. This phone is costing me several hundred dollars. Don’t fall for this promotion!

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Be aware T-Mobile new and old customers! This is an actual account of what I have been experiencing since December 18th with T-Mobile. An agent through message because I had been inquiring about adding a couple lines to my account for Xmas gifts for my nephews. She said great news! Your request to have your equipment limit doubled has been approved! Awesome. They sold me on the promise of getting iPhone 15pros free because I am on the 5gnext plan. Great! Amazing! Plus it’s buy one get one line free. Even better! Well when my “phones” arrived they were actually SIM cards. I repeat SIM cards. I get a message from T-Mobile that same day that my equipment balance double request was denied. I was so irate I literally called everyday until the 30th of December until they finally offered to send me phones for free. They upgraded because it was obvious the agent lied to me to get me to birth those lines. So they sent me iPhone 15 pro max’s 512 gb. 2 of them. And also put in a “ticket” to make both lines free. January 4th I get my phone bill. It’s for $2400. They charged me for the damn phones! Not only did they charge me for the phones. They set up the phones blatantly messed up on the monthly promo credit plan. One of the phones had only $200 left on it. They took all the rest of it off and put it on my bill but $200 and set it to get a credit for $34 a month for 24 months. So they put all the rest of the cost of the phone on my bill. The other phone was just as bad. The full amount they could have put in was not used instead went on my bill. Not only that they used credit from my account that was on my account through trade ins and their multiple other mistakes and used it towards that balance. Without my knowledge or permission I might add. On the 5th of January I get about 50 messages back to back to back that my phones were delivered the day before . Literally 50 messages. I called again freaking out. I’m on the phone for 5 hours plus from the 5th, 6th,7th,8th,9th. I find out that they hadn’t even filed a ticket until the tenth. What now? You let me complain for 5 hours straight and listen to you falsely claim to be investigating and to wait one more day wait one more day and you isn’t even started to until 5 days later. Oh they put the incorrect address btw even though the put the correct one for the SIM cards the week before. Something happened with another ups order today so I called ups. I actually caught them in a complete lie about a different shipment they had marked as damaged but still tried to deliver to me without getting a new package from the seller because I was in contact with the seller and new they did not report or ask for a new product. Anyway I laid into them and told them I caught them and I’m sick of them and this mess with T-Mobile and now this order. Shocker of the century. T-Mobile hadn’t even reached out to ups. They had no idea the package was not delivered to me or there was any problems. I kind of half believed it until I asked T-Mobile for proof that they had been in communication with T-Mobile about this delivery and they couldn’t. They couldn’t because they hadn’t even done that. 12 days after the delivery and a month since the original order. T-Mobile did nothing to help me, investigate my screen shot evidence, or even apologize for what had happened at any point. They pretended to care and wasted countless hours of my time trying to help them. Meanwhile this whole time they are investigating they hadn’t done a single thing. They said we can send you messages to our warehouse. I asked you to send me messages from you to the people you put in charge of making sure I get that delivery. And they couldn’t because they didn’t.  I want you to hold them accountable with me. Every time they say the next day and don’t return your calll and you get the feeling they aren’t doing anything. They actually are not doing anything. They just sent a satellite to space but they can’t call ups to check my where my order went? Anyone else have this happen or worse?

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I have been trying to post conversation starters about my experiences with customer service all day and T-Mobile will nott post my comments even though they use zero vulgar language or any language that violates the terms of use here. If anyone would like to know what T-Mobile does not want you to here reply to me here and I will provide my personal email to converse.

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Happy to provide screenshots of the conversations I have been having with T-Mobile. They have said they are doing an investigation but it has been 2 and a half weeks and they haven’t even contacted ups yet. How have they not contacted them? I myself have contacted them and they had no idea there was a problem with the delivery

File a report through the BBB and FTC. They will respond REALLLLLL fast. We won a small claims with them just last year on a VERY similar situation! They are despicable.

They appear to be more concerned with spending money on flooding the net with “positive” reviews of themselves and their allegedly superior services. Any consumer-rating site, however, shows their rating as 1 to 2 stars at best, which is far more consistent with my recent experience. I’ve been with them for over 10 yrs and the level of service and the quality of customer service have noticeably declined, in my opinion. I find that many of these “giants” got away with ripping us (the consumers) off during the pandemic, blaming everything on COVID. Now, it’s the new status quo. Sorry, not for me. There are other options (including introductory deals) out there.