T-Mobile stopped Bill Credits after EIP was paid off

  • 11 October 2020
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I have been on T-Mobile for over 10 years and have in the past paid off my EIPs early and have continued to get Bill Credits.

Last month, I needed to unlock my phone and the T-Mobile Rep said that I need to pay off my balance to get the unlock code and that I will continue to get Bill Credits which seemed rational and so I paid off the EIP. This month I was expecting my bill to be lower as the T-Mobile bill credits would offset my bill amount. Unfortunately, T-Mobile completely took off the promo plan from my bill and did not pay me any bill credits.

I called T-Mobile and spoke to a Rep who at first kept saying that since the EIP is paid off, there will be no more credits and that's how my promo is structured. I told her that in the past this was never an issue and she insisted that this is a new promo and that is the rule. After going back and forth for 1.25 hours, she finally reversed my extra payment done last month so that the Bill Credits will continue. This is completely in contrast to how Bill Payments should work. What went wrong here? Is this the new Norm?

15 replies

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It depends on the promo but it does look like the bill credits stop now when you pay off your phone.

I had a bogo bill credit for the LG V30’s. I had a couple of months left to pay on them and wanted to pay them off but if I did I would lose the credit.


The T Mobile site says the following:


You may have one Recurring Device Credits (RDC) promo per line at a time. To get a new Recurring Device Credits (RDC) promo and keep your current credit, you must pay off the existing EIP first.

  • If you pay off your EIP early, you’ll continue to receive the promised Recurring Device Credits (RDC) as an account-level credit through the remaining months of the promotional credit period (up to 24 or 36 months).

Thank you magenta5734958 for posting your experience and resolution.

I ran into the same problem. I have been t-mo customer for over 19 years and always paid off my portion (phone cost - promo discount) of EIP as soon as the EIP account is established. I was told that I can do the same thing again when I purchased two iPhone 12’s with the trade-in promo. I paid off my portion in EIP a few days after the EIP is established. After seeing your post and exam my EIP account, I realized that I will be losing $200 of the $300 trade-in value because the way EIP is structured now a day. It is different from how T-mobile had handled payments in EIP in the past. I too had to spend 1 hour on the phone and talk to a supervisor to request reverse of the extra payment. We all had been T-mo customers for a long time and understand that we have to stay with T-mo for the entire EIP contract period for the full discount/promo. Why is it so difficult for T-mo to understand that some customers rather pay off their portion early while keep line and discount for the entire EIP contract period? 



It has been a nightmare to get this issue resolved. TMo tried to put the EIP back in place and give me a refund which took forever and now they have again charged me the amount. It has been 3 months and about 6 hours on the phone during 4 calls. Super frustrating.

Sorry to hear that the issue is still not resolved for you. When I called T-mo with my situation, the first representative didn’t understand the problem so I asked for a supervisor or EIP specialist. The supervisor understood the problem and offered to escalate it to manually “re-write” the EIP. I was worried about the whole manual rewrite thing, so I asked for refund/reverse (of extra payment made to EIP). It is frustrating that we received incorrect information (that we can pay off EIP early and still continue to receive promo credit) from T-mo prior to making the extra payments. It is even more frustrating when we had to spend hours on the phone repeatedly to fix the problem. Good luck and please continue to post your experience and outcome of this issue. 

Any update to this issue?  I got in writing from two reps that say the monthly credits shouldn’t be affected.. but still seems iffy.

I received the refund of the extra payment to the EIP. So my EIP is back to the original payment schedule. Here is what I think will happen with my new EIPs if I still want to payoff early. Your mileage may vary.:

If I pay off EIP entirely (my portion plus the monthly credit/discount portion), the EIP will be close and the rest of discount will be lost. 

If i pay off my port of EIP (total balance minus the remaining monthly discount), T-mobile will have to rewrite the EIP to adjust monthly payment to be equal to the monthly credit amount.

If you want to unlock the phone early (prior to the end of EIP turn), you will have to payoff early and lose the rest of discount. All these are based on my personal experience with the trade-in special offer. Good luck.

Anyone have a recent experience that was any different?

Would like to hear any recent different data points as well, hopefully


So, I did the same thing! I paid off my EIP 2 days after I got it! it was the iPhone 12 on us I need the iPhone unlocked paid it off but for some reason my bill indicated that if I was still paying for the phone and it would’ve still been 4 dollars with credit and it showed that I was gonna pay 4 bucks for the upcoming month but I had to call to get it adjusted. it seems like the system gets confused when you pay it off and you have a promo. I do have to say TMOBILE is the best network just need it unlocked for ESIM feature on my Iphone for out of country use.

Maybe I should have found this 8 hrs ago.


I too talked to a rep last night and asked about this. I need to dual sim on my phone for my non-tmo work line. I asked her maybe 5 times about how the promo works and she reassured me that I would continue to get the credits after paying off EIP. She even texted me this link:


Thanks for contacting T-Mobile!  Here’s the info we talked about: https://www.t-mobile.com/support/deals/promotional-credits?utm_source=Homework&utm_medium=SMS

She then said to read bullet 3 in the section about RDC.


How Recurring Device Credits (RDC) work

  • To receive Recurring Device Credits (RDC), you must purchase your device on EIP and meet any other requirements of the promotion.
  • You may have one Recurring Device Credits (RDC) promo per line at a time. To get a new Recurring Device Credits (RDC) promo and keep your current credit, you must pay off the existing EIP first.
    • If you pay off your EIP early, you’ll continue to receive the promised Recurring Device Credits (RDC) as an account-level credit through the remaining months of the promotional credit period (up to 24 or 36 months).

So I paid the EIP off and am awaiting that to pass through their system, to unlock iPhone 12. I guess I’ll have to see on the next bill what’s going on with my $27 credits.


The thought of hours more with TMO reps is painful, as I already had 6+ hours in the last week on a separate issue.

Our family bought all new iphone 12's and traded in old iPhone for bull credits and we received 3 $200 gift cards. I couldn't afford to purchase all the phones for them so they saved their Christmas money and we applied the 3  200 gifts cards and they gave me their portion of the phone balance that was not covered by Bill credits (an additional 800.00). We applied this  in January thinking it would zero out our portion of the device payments but we are still being charged the full amount. I spent hours on the phone and online with t-force and they say it will catch up after several bill cycles. I called again today and the rep said this would not be the case, that I should not have prepaid that 1400.00 just reduced the trade in value. Could this possible be correct? I have paid off phones early in the past with no problems. Any thoughts?

@MagentaInBellevue any follow-up to you situation?  Did you continue to receive the RDC of $27 after paying off your phone(s)?  Thanks!

I am still receiving one half of the amount of the phones in monthly bill credits. I am still being billed for the other half even though I have paid the portion of the phones that I owe months ago. I have contacted t-Mobile many times. I do not know what else to do except to wait until the phones plan is complete and determine exactly how much I have over billed and then complaint to the state regulators about being overcharged. 

So, I just switched over to T-mobile from being a loyal Verizon customer for about 12 years or so. The service for Verizon has become pretty bad. I was enticed about this whole “trade in” for an iPhone 12, because I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it doesn’t have 5G. I was happy to see that T-mobile does not lock you into service contracts, as I was already somewhat uncomfortable switching providers after being with one company for so long. BUT, I am now putting two and two together. They say they don’t have the typical 2 year contract agreement like other carriers, but these good phone deals when they give you credits onto your bill over a 24 month period ARE the contracts. I just got a promotion where I could actually keep my old phones, and they’ll give me $830 off each new iPhone 2 Pro. I wanted to just pay off the difference right then and there (which was only $270 for each phone), but was told that I could only put a $100 down payment towards each phone, and then the remaining $170 would be broken up into installments on my bill. So the $7 per phone each month is nothing, but if i wanted to leave and switch to different provider after painstakingly switching over to T-mobile in the first place, the “credits” for this promotion seem like they would disappear, and I would owe the entire amount for the phones. This IS the 2 year agreement that they SAY they don’t do, but clearly are doing. Shady sneaky stuff T-mobile.